4 Firefox Mobile extensions that ensure privacy and security

The add-ons or extensions offers users an array of features such as privacy and security. Here are the best ones for privacy and security of your data.

By Nazia Banu

    Firefox Mobile is known for its extensions support. Extensions let users add in features that do not come with the browser. The add-ons or extensions offers users an array of features such as privacy and security.

    4 Firefox Mobile extensions that ensure privacy and security


    While the privacy within the browser can be improved using extensions and settings the extensions also let you upgrade the security level of your browser. However, there are many extensions available for download. To make it more easy for you, we have come up with four privacy and security-based extensions that can be added to Firefox Mobile.

    HTTPS Everywhere

    The HTTPS Everywhere extension is none other than a collaboration between EFF (Electronic Frontier Foundation) and Tor Project. Though many websites use HTTPS as it is a more secure way, they do not make the transition completely. Some websites use unencrypted HTTP or links to HTTP pages instead of the secure HTTPS links.

    With HTTPS Everywhere extension, your data will be safe and protected wherever you are within a website. The only limitation is that this extension requires the websites to employ HTTPS. Those websites that do not use this secure protocol will not benefit from the extension.

    uBlock Origin

    uBlock Origin is a free and open source extension with a robust ad-blocker. It protects users against trackers and a lot more. The extensions make use of lists those are constantly updated in order to stop cookies, malware, and trackers. You can add your lists to the uBlock Origin extension to increase its filtering capability based on the level of security and privacy that is needed. Unlike the other ad-blockers, this one does not use a lot of resources such as memory so that the performance is not severely impacted.

    Privacy Badger

    Privacy Badger is also a product from EFF. It is also an ad-blocker and protects against trackers. Privacy Badger extension for Firefox Mobile actively monitors the websites that you visit and identifies the source for each line of code. If it believes that the same source is tracking you constantly, then the extension will block it immediately.

    The extension knows the common methods of tracking including cookies and fingerprinting. It looks for the tools within the ads and embedded images on a webpage. The primary function is not ad blocking but it can be done with its anti-tracking tools.

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    The advertisers use a technique called browser fingerprinting to identify and track users. Instead of using cookies, the websites gather a lot of information that can paint an identifiable picture of the user. The information can be anything such as the operating system and its version, screen resolution, browser app, touch points, etc.

    With this data, the advertisers can identify you and gain an insight about who you are and what your interests are. With the canvas fingerprinting technique, the strength of the ID is improved to a great extent. CanvasBlocker extension lets you block and spoof the API that is used to create the fingerprint. This will force the readout of the image by default so that it will return a random value every time instead of the unique value

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