How Do You Say @ in 13 Different Ways Around the World!

    The common internet symbol '@' was firstly introduced by Tomlinson. For several years, this symbol was primarily by merchants to sell things and address price, for example @ Rs 50, however now, it's used for electronic communications. Whether Facebook, Twitter or your email address, the @ symbol play an important aspect in communication.

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    In India, the @ symbol is referred to as 'at,' or 'at the rate of', but in many other parts of the world, its known is a different way. Here's how others know @ symbol in various other countries. Take a look at the slider below.

    Italians call it a snail

    Yes, the @ symbol is referred as chiocciola by Italians which means "snail."

    It’s a worm for Hungarians

    The @ symbol is referred as a wiggly earth-eater and called a kukac, which means a worm.

    For Armenians, it’s a puppy!

    The @ symbol is referred as ishnik or ‘puppy,' by Armenians.

    Germans call it a spider monkey

    The @ symbol is referred as klammeraffe or "spider monkey," by Germans.

    Dutch also feel the same way as Germans

    The @ symbol is referred as an apestaart or "monkey's tail."

    Danish refer it in two names

    The @ symbol is referred in two animal names -- sometimes, it's a grisehale or "pig's tail," and some know it as a snabel or "elephant's trunk."

    Taiwanese call it by the name of the mouse!

    The @ symbol is referred as 小老鼠 which means "little mouse."

    Israelis think it’s a pastry

    The @ symbol is referred as שטרודל, which means "strudel," a delicious layered pastry.

    In Czech and Slovak its known by food names

    The @ symbol is referred as a zavináč or rollmops. For those who do not know, a rollmop is a fillet of pickled herring, rolled up around a savory filling, often olives or pimentos.

    In Swedish it means Sweet Buns

    The @ symbol is referred as a cinnamon bun, local term, kanelbulle.

    The Chinese call it by the name of a flower

    The @ symbol is referred 花A or "flowery A." by the Chinese.

    As per Serbian, it’s totally crazy!

    The @ symbol is referred as лудо А which means ‘crazy A.'

    Lastly, Vietnam has two names for it

    Yes, in Vietnam the @ symbol has two different names, one for northern and another for southern part of the country. The Northern region calls it A còng or "bent A," and in the south the @ is A móc or "hooked A." That's definitely a lot of information on @ symbol for today!

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