4 Easy Tips to Export Wikipedia for Offline Use

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Wikipedia is one place which is home to all the information about the topic you look for. It is a treasure trove of information, and come handy when we want to know about anything, or a place or more. Browsing through Wikipedia might not even help you gain knowledge about something. But did you know that it also allows you to send its articles elsewhere!

4 Easy Tips to Export Wikipedia for Offline Use

Yes, that's right! You can share or export articles from Wikipedia to other places, for offline read. Here is four ways to export Wikipedia for various needs.

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Create a book of articles:

An easy way to share the Wikipedia article is to use the Book Creator. You can pick any articles you like and turn them into a book. Go to the landing page, choose Start book creator, and then you can add any article to your book. Once you are done adding articles to your book, you can export it to PDF. Also, if you want this book in print, you can do it easily. Also, you can check the book collections page to download books done by others.

4 Easy Tips to Export Wikipedia for Offline Use

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Take a snapshot of an article:

If you are looking for a single article, instead of making a book, you can click the Download as PDF on the left sidebar of any article. The option is given under the Print/export heading. Doing this, you can quickly save a snapshot of an article or can download a copy of information you may want.

4 Easy Tips to Export Wikipedia for Offline Use

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Print it out on a paper:

For those who like reading out from a paper can also print out an article by going to the Printable version in the same sidebar heading. This is good for those who want to keep the paper handy even when there is no access to internet or no data connection.

4 Easy Tips to Export Wikipedia for Offline Use

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Download the entire Wikipedia:

If you are the eager ones and are not happy with an article or a book of article, you can also download the entire Wikipedia. However, take note that you will have to download the images or other multimedia files additionally, because these are excluded to save space in the download.

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