Are You Aware Of Kiddle? Here's What You Should Know About the Kid-Friendly Search Engine

    Search engines are very powerful displaying what all you need within the click of a button. But, the search engines do come with some downfalls as they are prone to stumble upon any inappropriate content that is available online.

    Here's What You Should Know About Kiddle, A Kid-Friendly Search Engine

    These days, kids are too tech-savvy and they are always with smartphones and tablets looking out for what they want. So, it is the responsibility of parents to make sure their kids don't get access to inappropriate content.

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    Of course, there are parent controls to help with the same, but these can be easily bypassed as explained in the link above. So, parents can use kid-friendly search engines that will give them the much-needed result.

    Here's What You Should Know About Kiddle, A Kid-Friendly Search Engine

    Kiddle - Great Search Engine for Kids

    Kiddle is one of the kid-friendly search engines that is designed exclusively for kids. It is a custom Google search engine that will help kids get easy to understand and relevant information without accessing the explicit websites or content. Notably, it is not created by Google or related to it in any way.

    Here's What You Should Know About Kiddle, A Kid-Friendly Search Engine

    SafeSearch feature is useful

    As per the About page of Kiddle that explains the working of this kid-friendly search engine, it uses a feature called SafeSearch that will be applied to the searches that are made on it. It will block a huge amount of the explicit content available on the web.

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    Here's What You Should Know About Kiddle, A Kid-Friendly Search Engine

    Search Results

    SafeSearch orders the search results depending on how friendly the content is for the kids. The first three results are written exclusively for children and these are reviewed by the editors at Kiddle. Several other results are safe sites containing content that kids can easily understand even if the same is not meant for them.

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    The other search results are from well-known sites, but these are not written for kids. So, kids might find it tough to grasp the content that is available on these sites, but these are safe and filtered.

    Here's What You Should Know About Kiddle, A Kid-Friendly Search Engine

    Big Thumbnails make it Easy

    Most search results on Kiddle contain big-sized thumbnails in order to help kids find out what a specific page is all about as they cannot read as fast as the adults. Their privacy is protected as the logs will be deleted once in every 24 hours. If the kids search for a blocked word such as death or naked, Kiddle will again them to try again as they have used bad words.

    Of course, nothing can replace parent supervision when kids are online, but Kiddle is a very good way to help them stay safe when they are online.

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