Save 50 Percent of Your Laptop's Battery Power With New Opera Browser Update

    The most recent developer version of Opera browser is out. The new Opera 39 has a feature that will get activated when a laptop is not plugged into a power source.

    Save 50 Percent of Laptop's Battery Power With New Opera Update

    The new power saving feature in Opera browser

    Well, the browser's power saving feature is what we are talking about. This feature will save almost 50 percent of your laptop's battery life in comparison to the other versions of Opera and Google Chrome.

    Eventually, this new Opera update will help extend your browsing hours without any necessity to recharge your laptop while you are on-the-go or when you don't have the charger.

    Save 50 Percent of Laptop's Battery Power With New Opera Update

    Browse in the power saving mode

    The new power saving mode is quite easy to use. As soon as you unplug the laptop from the power source, the feature will get activated. The battery icon will appear beside the address and search field in the browser.

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    You need to click on the icon to activate the power saving mode and flip the switch on. The browser will suggest you to activate the mode when the battery capacity reaches 20 percent.

    Save 50 Percent of Laptop's Battery Power With New Opera Update

    A slew of changes was made to save power

    There will be reduced activity in the tabs that run in the background. The unused plug-ins will be automatically paused. The CPU will be stressed less often due to the optimal scheduling of the JavaScript timers.

    The frame rate will be reduced to 30 frames per second. The animations of the browser themes will be paused. The video playback parameters will be tuned and the usage 9of the hardware accelerated video codecs will be forced.

    Save 50 Percent of Laptop's Battery Power With New Opera Update

    Improvements were made to the browser VPN

    Besides the power saving mode, there have been improvements done to the browser VPN experience. Opera has changed the VPN feature to be a segment of the private browsing mode.

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    This change is believed to provide better privacy to the users. The VPN badge is made visible in the private window always to make it easy for the new and existing Opera users.

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