Opera Upgrades its Browser with Native Ad Blocker on Desktop and Android Platform

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Today, Opera software has launched an Opera browser with native ad blocker integrated into it on both the stable version of the Opera browser for desktops, as well as the Opera Mini browser for Android.

New Opera for computers is 45% faster than Google Chrome

Opera Upgrades its Browser with Native Ad Blocker!

By integrating the ad-blocker technology directly into the browser code, the new Opera for computers speeds up page loading by as much as 89% compared to browsing without ad blocking. It is also 45% faster compared to Google Chrome with third-party ad-blocking extensions installed.

New Opera Mini is 40% faster

Opera Upgrades its Browser with Native Ad Blocker!

By removing online adds, the new version of Opera Mini loads web pages 40% faster than with the ad blocker disabled. By also blocking ads, Opera Mini users can achieve up to an additional 14% in data savings on top of that, so that less is deducted from a user's mobile data allowance.

How to activate the native ad-block technology

Opera Mini:

Under the "O" menu in Opera Mini, tap the data-savings summary. From there, simply toggle "block ads" on and off. On Android, the ad blocker is available in both high- and extreme savings modes.

Opera for computers:

The integrated ad blocker can be enabled with a single click in settings. To deactivate it for a specific website, click the shield icon in the search and address bar and flip the switch. The dialog shows statistics on how many ads you've blocked overall, as well as on the current page. You can also compare the webpage's load speed with and without ad blocking.

Other features!

Opera Upgrades its Browser with Native Ad Blocker!

On the other hand, the Opera Mini for Android now gives you the ability to add websites to your device's home screen, while the Opera for computers is introducing a video pop out feature, which lets you shift your video frame to the side of your screen so that you can multitask.

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