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Unlike other countries around the world that allow Facebook, Twitter and other American websites to set shop in their soil, China doesn't. This is the reason China has its own social networks, it's very own websites It has its own alternatives to Google, Facebook, Twitter and other e-commerce websites. Several of these websites do follow their American websites but support Chinese language.

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Google had entered in China in 2010, but is not a dominant search network like the search engines of china. China doesn not allow foreign companies to set shop and has several laws that make it di.

Let's look at how China has created its own alternatives to social networking websites and search engines and does not have US based websites in its country:

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Google entered China much later. However, Google searches in china are very low. Google accounts for less than 2% of all searches made in China. In comparison, Chinese search engines make up for most search.


While Whatsapp is there in China, the Chinese mobile networks do not support Whatsapp. WeChat is the most popular messenger app in China.


Facebook is blocked in China ever since 2009. It is not possible to access Facebook using internet or mobile networks in China.RenRen is the most popular Social network of China. It is equivalent of Facebook in China.


Twitter is not available in China. It is not possible to access Twitter. People in China, use Weibo, which is considered to be the equivalent of Twitter.


Gmail is blocked in China. People use QQ email service to send and receive E-mails.

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