Use these 10 Search Engines to find what you want if Google fails you

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When it comes to searching information, we are automatically programmed to go to Google. The most famous search engine can almost get you anything you want from around the world or even outside when needed. Not so long ago, easily divide people between those that used Google, Yahoo, Bing, and others.

Use these 10 Search Engines to find what you want if Google fails you

At times, you might not get some information you need in Google. During those testing times, you can check the other search engines. Below is the list of Search engines, we have listed out that you should try if you are bored with Google.

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One of the main features of this Search engine is that it doesn't track or retain users data. Moreover, it is ad-free one, allows a private browsing and does more cool things than you can even imagine.


Microsoft-owned Bing is the second popular search engine, with a market share of 15%. In here, the video search is significantly better, gives twice as many autocomplete suggestion and can predict when airfares are about to go up or down as well.


It is the oldest web search engines to curate information, links, and much more from other search engines. This one fetches link from other services including Google, Yahoo, Yandex, and others. Moreover, it also has its own toolbar for Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox as well.


This Russian service is similar to that of Google and is dominant in Russia. Yandex was launched in 1997 as a search engine itself, where it offers results in a nice logical format and provides services like Images, Videos, Mail, Maps, and much more.

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Rather than a search engine, it is a question-answer service, which provides a solution if asked on the search bar. In here, you can find topics ranging from Art & Literature, Geography, Education and Politics to Technology, Science and Business queries answered here.


This service pulls the censored content from Google and showcases it on their service. Here, the issue of privacy is managed well through its Anonymous proxy search engine. It also has Mozilla Firefox extension, to make the search for Uncensored content hassle free.

Wolfram Alpha

This service comes up with computational facts and curates data from a lot of reputed and trustworthy college publications/libraries, Crunchbase, FAA, Best Buy and much more.


If you want to know nook and corner about a subject, with a variety of different points of view away from the major publications, this is the one for you. This services curates result from forums, message boards, and Reddit.


With this services, none of your data is stored and no cookies are used. However, you can also save the data if you want, but it will be deleted automatically within 90 days.

Creative Commons Search

This service comes handy when you need to find copyright free images for your website. All you need to do is to type the image you want and click on search.

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