5 ways to protect yourself from phishing attacks

Posted By: Nilakshi Pathak

Hacking has become very simple in the virtual world. It means your sensitive data is at risk to numerous hackers. Most of the users become a victim of the hackers and therefore, it is important to know how you can keep yourself safe from this. Currently, the most common way of hacking attack is the phishing attack. Here are few ways how you can protect yourself from phishing attacks.

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Check the “Https” prefix

Whenever you are about to enter any username or password in a website, just make sure that the website is secure by checking the "https" prefix exist before the site URL.

Identify the Phishing Emails

One common way of phishing attack is through phishing emails. You can identify the phishing mail by:

• Checking the name of the company and the employee from where you have received the mail.

• These sites look similar to real business.

• They promote gifts.


Check for typing errors

Phishing campaigns leave behind their trails. Most of the content is filled with typos. And these typing errors are nothing but an indication that says something is fishy. Go through the content and check for typing and grammatical errors in it.

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Use antivirus that provides good internet security

Antivirus that provides online, offline protection is an outdated version of protecting your computer. Get yourself an antivirus that provides you with good internet protection. It should give you real-time protection so that you know that you are safe even when you are browsing a site.

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Don’t open unknown links

Don’t open unknown links

Just tap on a link is sometimes enough to expose yourself. Never open any unknown link from an unknown website or e-mail. Also, if you get a good antivirus, you will be warned about the websites that contain malicious links.

Wrap Up

It is easy to avoid phishing attack when you are careful about the sites that you are visiting and the information that you are feeding on it. Secure your personal information by changing your password at regular intervals. And also, double check before you get an email asking for an urgent change of any username or password, you never know it can be a phishing attack!

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