You Should Avoid Buying These Tech Products on Amazon

While people may be addicted to online shopping, there are some products that you should avoid buying online.

    Almost everyone is familiar with Amazon, the e-commerce company. Amazon has become the largest player in the field of online shopping. As such, Amazon sells many things on its website and you can easily find most of the things available there. You can also find pretty good deals on many products you would like to purchase on Amazon.

    You Should Avoid Buying These Tech Products on Amazon


    It is easy to go to the website for absolutely everything and hope to find what you want, purchase items, have them gift-wrapped and shipped if necessary. The website has made buying much easier.

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    However, there are also a few things that you shouldn't buy on Amazon like clothing, power tools, paper products, pet food, and school supplies because good deals on these items are rare. These might be some cases, but what about tech purchases?

    Well, from reading reviews, doing research and comparisons, it has been found out that there are a few gadgets and electronics that you're better off shopping elsewhere other than Amazon.

    If you are wondering what those items are, then read further to check out the electronics and accessories that you're better off skipping on your next Amazon shopping spree.

    Counterfeit Gadgets

    As per a report from How-To Geek, counterfeit products are surprisingly prevalent on the platform. Products that are "fulfilled by Amazon" also come from third-party sellers, which means that Amazon hasn't carefully examined the products. While more than 40 percent of Amazon's unit sales come through its third-party marketplace, it is likely that there are any counterfeit gadgets present.

    In addition to counterfeit chargers and batteries, you need to worry about but counterfeit phones and computers too. How-To Geek recommends avoiding Amazon listings that are sold by third-party sellers. Do check reviews for red flags and claims of counterfeit products.

    Fake Chargers

    Many reports that have surfaced on the internet have stated that more than 90 percent of Apple chargers and cables labeled as "genuine" on Amazon are actually fake. Even those sold by Amazon directly are counterfeit items labeled as genuine. In fact, earlier Apple had filed a case against third party manufacturers.

    What's important is that these manufacturers behind the fake chargers and cables are not only deceiving consumers but they are also providing accessories that may not have passed necessary safety tests. So in the future, it's probably better to avoid shopping for Apple cables and chargers on Amazon.

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    For many gadgets, batteries are an important component. But you typically shouldn't buy them on Amazon. Why? How-To Geek reports that cheap third-party batteries for smartphones or laptops aren't worth the savings. Moreover, poorly manufactured batteries can easily catch fire or explode, which would not only damage the device in question but also hurt you and your family causing a lot of damages. 

    Third-party batteries and counterfeit batteries purchased on Amazon cheap to produce. So you should skip the aftermarket battery and choose an official model when it comes time to replacing the battery in your phone or laptop.

    While that may be the case, if you're buying standard-size batteries like AA or AAA, they'll be cheaper at your local shop than on Amazon. That's probably a simple reason why you shouldn't buy batteries on Amazon.

    Cheap Gadgets

    You may think it is okay to buy an inexpensive gadget, but it's still a good idea to be careful about what you're buying on Amazon. Looking for a cheap gadget without doing your research is a sure way to be disappointed.

    Whether you're looking for cheap smartphones, MP3 players, or earbuds, you may find a great deal, but if you don't read the reviews and buying guides, you're more likely to find a device that doesn't function as well as its product description indicates. Always do some research before you snap up a super-cheap gadget on Amazon.

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    Photography Equipment

    There's no doubt on the fact that Amazon offers great deals on a good lens or camera body, but if you're really looking for the best deals on photography equipment, Amazon isn't always the platform to shop.

    That's because specialty photography retailers keep on offering deals and promotions to stay competitive. In addition, they offer deals on certain expensive items to attract customers and give a reason to buy from them instead of Amazon.

    Nonetheless, Amazon need not be ruled out completely in this category, since Amazon does change its prices much more frequently than the typical photography retailer. But what's more important is to make sure that you look beyond Amazon when you're comparing prices for the next piece of gear you need for your photography kit.

    All in all, Amazon might be everybody's favorite online shopping platform but there are also plenty of tech products that probably aren't as good of a deal as Amazon would have you believe. Moreover, if you're looking to save money and avoid buying gadgets that won't work as advertised, you should keep yourself away from these few tech products on Amazon.

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