Facebook logins up for sale on dark web for just Rs. 200, claims report

Here’s shocking information for Facebook users!


Facebook was recently in the headlines as it suffered a major data breach. It was revealed that 50 million users were affected due to this data breach. Now, a fresh report states that the hackers have access to the digital tokens of these compromised accounts and that the Facebook logins are being sold on the dark web for as low as $3 (approx. Rs. 200).

Facebook logins up for sale on dark web for just Rs. 200, says report

As per a report by The Independent, it has discovered dozens of such listings on the dark web marketplaces. The website notes that these credentials are sold between $3 and $12. It is said that buyers can purchase the user data via cryptocurrencies like bitcoins. And, it is estimated that the entire stolen data values around $150 million to $600 million.

What's shocking is that this report regarding the sale of Facebook logins has come soon after the company announced that it has found no evidence of hackers using the users' credentials. Guy Rosen, Facebook vice president overseeing security said "We analyzed third-party access during the time of the attack we have identified. That investigation has found no evidence that the attackers accessed any apps using Facebook Login."

User data could be misused

The digital tokens that have been leaked will include the sensitive data of users that can be misused by the cybercriminals for blackmailing or identity theft. As the logins have been compromised, at least the email ids and phone numbers of the users are out on the dark web leading to possibilities of fraud and spam.

Process takes less than 10 minutes!

A research by Money Guru claims that the Facebook Logins were been put up for sale on the dark web without any check. As per the research, the process of accessing the personal data of the users and selling them in the dark web takes less than 10 minutes. All that the criminals need is access to the dark web with Tor Browsers, VPN and active internet connection, added the report. It could be unbelievable for many that it takes under 10 minutes to create anonymous accounts, select the data from the dark web marketplace and reach a payment screen.


Our piece of advice

Given that nearly 50 million Facebook accounts have been hacked and the hackers are selling the Facebook logins on the dark web, we suggest that you change your Facebook password and remove the sensitive information from your account to stay protective.

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