Find Out How You can Monitor Flu-Like Coronavirus Symptoms On Apple Watch


COVID-19, also known as Coronavirus has brought the world to a standstill. The medical facilities across the globe are still learning about the virus which has infected 381,761 people till date and has caused 16,668 deaths. A definite vaccine to cure the infected seems like a distant affair. It is only the precautionary measures that can prevent further spread of the COVID-19.

How To Monitor Flu-Like Coronavirus Symptoms On Apple Watch


Meanwhile, the health and technology industry across the globe is working towards helping the public to trace the Coronavirus symptoms in the early stage to avoid any possible fatalities. A simple product like Apple Watch can come handy to inform how a human body responds to flu-like Coronavirus symptoms. The Apple wearable does that via Cardiogram, a free to download application that uses the watch's' heart-rate sensor.

As the human body's resting and sleeping heart rate change drastically while fighting an infection like COVID-19, the Cardiogram's newly introduced 'Sleeping BPM feature' can help users track these anomalies with the help of an Apple Watch. The heart rate elevation is more notable during sleep, which let Cardiogram actively trace sleeping heart rate to inform you about the body's response in case of flu-like symptoms.

The Cardiogram team clarifies that the app only informs you about fluctuations in heart rate and should not be mistaken as a replacement of a clinically-approved Coronavirus screening. An Apple watch with Cardiogram app installed is just an additional tool which takes into account the user's heart rate to inform about any possible infection. The app for Apple Watch shows you a graph of your heart rate in real-time, on your wrist. For more details, you can check the phone app.

Moreover, to find out any anomalies, you must also have a historical record of your heart rate. With a detailed analysis of the heart rate activity during a healthy state and in sickness, the app can offer important insights about how your body's vitals are responding to the flu-like infection. The Sleeping BPM feature of Cardiogram is a free upgrade.


The application also offers a premium membership ($25 a year) if you want to export data and remotely monitor your loved one's health.

The iPhone version of the Cardiogram app is compatible with Apple Watch, Fitbit, Garmin, and Wear OS by Google devices with a heart rate sensor. As far as compatibility is concerned, the Cardiogram is compatible with a range of devices with a heart rate sensor, including Apple Watch (series 1-5), Fitbit (Charge, Versa, Ionic, Alta HR, Inspire HR, and more) Garmin (fēnix, Forerunner, and Vívo series, and more), and Wear OS by Google (Fossil, Ticwatch, Moto, LG, Misfit, Huawei, and more).

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