Google Chrome receives a massive boost in 3D graphics with the latest update

With a massive boost in its 3D graphics, the latest update for Chrome will give designers and creators something to rejoice.

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Google's own browser Chrome, recently received a massive boost to its 3D graphics and all this happened without a word. The company chose to keep the update as quite as possible without making any announcements until it was released. As most of you would've noticed a boost in your 3D web graphics while using Chrome, but may not have been aware of the update which was released.

Chrome receives a massive boost in 3D graphics with the latest update

Post the update the company has announced that Chrome 56 and its later released versions will support WebGL 2.0 standard. So users will now be able to see a significantly faster performance, along with new texture types and visual effects like volume-based effects and tone mapping. The highlight of the latest update is that Chrome is now at par with similar OpenGL ES 3 spec which is seen in newer mobile games.

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Though as of now it might not be possible to sync your phone title to Chrome without actually losing some graphical detail. The latest update does bring with it a wide range of options to users who can leverage the benefits of it.

While users will be able to see the upgrade in all desktop versions of the browser, the version meant for Android, devices will be coming shortly. While this isn't a completely new development, it is a much appreciated and a welcome one. Though it was a bit overdue and awaited development as the company's rivals Firefox and Opera also have WebGL 2.0 support.

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However, with Chrome's considerably larger usage share which amounts to nearly 58.5 percent according to reports of Net Market Share, does make it a fairly big deal. Now with the release of the update, we can not only see an increase in next-level 3D on the web, but it also gives creators a much better platform to take leverage that extra visual prowess brought out with the boost in the 3D graphics.


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