Govt installs security batches to protect its key networks Aruna Sundararajan

There have been very few isolated instances and we continue to be on watch

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Information Technology Secretary Aruna Sundararajan said that the Government has already installed security batches to protect its key networks from the cyber attack by ransomware virus 'WannaCrypt.'

WannaCry :  Govt installs security batches

"Since March, the government of India has been on high alert. We have already installed the necessary security in batches as far as the government key networks are concerned," she said at the inaugural session of Broadband India Forum (BIF).

We have not got any reports of widespread infection. There have been very few isolated instances and we continue to be on watch," she added.

Meanwhile, BIF today projected India's required broadband over satellite demand between 100 and 200 Gbps over the coming five to 10 years, a big fraction of the Asian satellite broadband demand as projected by NSR.

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It said that liberalized implementation and facilitation of the latest innovations in this sector to help cater to this projected demand, shall enable the sector to achieve FDI of $3-5 billion that can be brought into launch satellites, develop and manufacture satellite gateways (ground terminals) and also for the manufacture of end-user terminals (micro-VSATs, satellite handhelds, etc).

Huge FDI inflows along with the creation of tens of thousands of jobs are also possible from clearing long-pending private sector applications for manufacture and launch of satellites.

V Ramachandran, President of BIF, stated that regrettably due to certain factors, there was a mistaken perception that Satcom was unaffordable and therefore unavailable for deployment for a high price-sensitive market such as India, especially rural India.

He asserted that this was totally incorrect and fallacious, just as in the early 1990s, it was thought by even educated segments of society that mobile phones are unaffordable technology toys playthings of the rich, and not needed by the common man.

Globally, Satcom is competitive to terrestrial technologies, particularly for rural and remote areas. However, it lags behind in India due to inadequate capacity/availability, lack of use of new innovations & technologies and other legacy factors.

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