Several Reliance JioFi 2 users face trouble with swollen battery

Does the JioFi 2 really adhere to the safety standards?

    Lately, we have been coming across several incidents related to smartphone battery explosions. How can we forget the ruckus caused by the Galaxy Note 7 last year leading to the discontinuation of the device? However, the battery swelling issues are not restricted only to smartphones.

    Several Reliance JioFi 2 users face trouble with swollen battery

    As per a recent report by GadgetstoUse citing a Facebook post and several other sources, it is clear that any electronic device with a battery is prone to issues such as swelling of the battery or explosion. Well, the talk is about the Reliance JioFi 2 as many users have found the device with a swollen battery. 

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    In the Facebook post, the user who found the JioFi 2 to have a swollen battery claims that he had purchased the Reliance JioFi 2 back in March this year and states that he hasn't used any local or third-party charger on the device.

    We would like to mention that this incident comes within days of the JioPhone explosion that was caused intentionally.

    JioFi 2 failed to function

    The report cites a Facebook post by a Delhi resident Mr. Radhe Krishnan on Tuesday. The post shows a swollen JioFi 2 battery and the owner claims that he found the device was malfunctioning and disconnecting frequently. On removing the rear panel of the device to reboot it, he found the swollen battery as shown in the image above.

    Not the only case

    The report goes on stating that this is not the only case in which the JioFi 2 battery has swollen. There are several users of the device who have shared their experience with their device. Some users have taken to Reddit to claim that the battery swell to such an extent that it popped open the rear panel of the device.

    Cracked back panel

    In a different case reported by, the images of a JioF2 with a swollen battery posted by Twitter user @sajalb were revealed. According to the report, the battery seems to have swollen too much that it left the rear panel of the device cracked.

    Safety concerns go for a toss

    The safety of the users should be the first priority for any device and the devices should be manufactured in such a way that they adhere to the safety standards. With so many cases on the interest about the swollen battery of the JioFi 2, it is clear that the device is violating the safety standards greatly.

    Is the warranty of any help?

    While the Reliance JioFi 2 comes with a warranty of six months, it appears to be useless for most users as there are complaints that they face issues such as poor connectivity and degrading battery life after six to eight months of purchasing the device.

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