Research Claims Our Solar System Has Over 40 Decillion Alien Spacecraft

Research Claims Solar System Has Over 40 Decillion Alien Spacecraft

Harvard astronomer Avi Loeb is known for his alien-hunting research, and he is back with yet another research that is yet to be peer-reviewed. This time, the astronomer claims that our solar system is filled with alien spacecraft. Around four quintillions, to be precise.


The study, first spotted by the Daily Beast, follows the discovery of the first-ever interstellar object, named 'Oumuamua, to visit our solar system. Astronomers are still debating the nature of this interstellar object.

Are These Space Objects Going Unnoticed?

While Loeb isn’t claiming that 'Oumuamua belongs to the aliens, he is still open to that possibility. He is basically questioning how many such 'Oumuamuas in our solar system go unnoticed. For the research, Loen and Carson Ezell, a fellow Harvard astronomer, looked at the number of interstellar visitors that have been spotted until now.

"One can use recent rates of detection of interstellar objects and known capabilities to estimate the density of similar objects in the solar neighborhood," The Daily Beast quoted the astronomers.

Since 'Oumuamua, astronomers have managed to detect three more interstellar objects, taking the count to four. Both astronomers calculated that at this rate our solar system could have around 40 decillion interstellar objects, including areas that current instruments can’t reach.

Are Most Of Them Just Space Rocks?

The researchers brought down the number to four quintillions when talking about the habitable zone near the Sun, which can make it easier to detect aliens if there are any. Some of the theories are pretty fascinating and Loeb has also raised some interesting points in his study.

Even if most of these interstellar objects are just pieces of space rock, which Loeb believes is the case, that still leaves enough room for some of them to be alien spacecraft.

NASA Putting Together An Alien-Hunting Team

NASA recently announced it is putting together a team of 16 experts to have a close look at the reports of unidentified flying objects (UFOs) or unidentified aerial phenomena (UAPs). The authorities will soon be initiating a nine-month independent study.

The team comprises experts like retired astronaut Scott Kelly, who has spent 520 days in orbit during four different space missions. The announcement brings the space agency one step towards its promise of studying public reports of UFO sightings, including sightings reported by US Navy pilots.

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