What Is Red Mercury And Why People Are Ready To Pay Lakhs For It?


Social media has become a hub for fake news these days. So many rumors and speculations are also transmitted on chatting apps like WhatsApp. The latest rumor that's taking a tour on the internet is the red mercury, which is mostly found on old electronics such as CRT televisions and FM radios.

What Is Red Mercury And Why People Are Ready To Pay Lakhs For It?

As the name suggests, it is a red-colored liquid, that is rumored to be an expensive compound. Though it has mercury in its name, there is no proper documentation to reaffirm the same.

Is Red Mercury Really Worth It?

According to videos that are circulating across the internet, most of the old monochrome televisions will contain this liquid in a tiny glass bottle like a container. It is said that a gram of this liquid is worth more than Rs. 10,000 and a lot of conversation is happening regarding this substance.

According to some, the red mercury liquid is being used for making bombs. Some online comments even suggest that the red mercury can be used to cure COVID-19 and there is no absolute documentation or proof that could validate this statement.

Should You Sell Your Old TV Or FM Radio?

As of now, there is no scientific study or backing that could actually speak about this red liquid that is being called red mercury. We do not advise you to sell old television or FM radio, as this could be used for illegal activity.

We are further investigating on this mystery liquid that is said to be expensive than gold. Do note that, mercury, which is a liquid metal just costs around a couple of thousand rupees per KG and it is poisonous, so, even if the red mercury is a compound with the actual mercury in it, it should not cost this much. As of now, it seems like a scam and stay tuned to GizBot to get more updates on this.

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