5 Mistakes You Should Avoid While Buying A New Laptop

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The Laptop for many people is the only computer they need. Being portable, it becomes essential for many people who utilize it for their productive needs.

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Still, buying a laptop is more complex as compared to desktop computers. A desktop user always has the freedom to always replace any component if one is unhappy. However, these options are limited when it comes to the laptop.

Here are 5 mistakes you should avoid when choosing a laptop:

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The laptop should be of the right size. The display plays a very important role in a laptop. The display of a laptop also determines the size fo the Keyboard and touch pad. You will feel cramped in a small laptop. You will also have troubles with big laptops.

While a 15-inch laptop is a good replacement for a Desktop, somebody who is constantly on the go will prefer a 12 inch laptop. Something in between would be 14 inches.



It is necessary that your Laptop has all the ports that are required. A standard laptop should have a minimum of 2 ports for optimum usage. The ports on the laptop will help you connect cables, use Ethernet cables, use a printer,etc. You will require a audio jack too, for watching videos and video chats.


Windows 8.1 and more recently Windows 10 powered laptops have a detachable display. The convertible laptops are great. Convertible laptops are neither great laptops neither are they are great tablets. They look like an iPad but still work like a Windows Laptop.


The new Touch-screen laptops powered by Windows have created controversy, because some of these features don't work on non-convertible laptops. The Windows tiles too are not impressive to some users. Also the Metro UI may be user friendly but certainly not meant for everyone.

Several brands out there still ship with Windows 8.1 which is again optionally up-gradable to Windows 10.



Google's Chromebook may not have found takers like Windows laptops, but the new internet powered Chromebooks has been a hit with Student community and with people who like to experiment. The tribe of people using Chromebooks is increasing. The applications of Chromebook are far way to less compared to Windows Laptops, but users are more than happy.

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