5 Warning Signs Your Laptop is Dying!

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A laptop like every other gadget comes with a shelf life. A laptop too comes with a life span which may differ for every laptop. A laptop may have a strong run sometimes and that depends on the Laptop and how you used it!. However, sometimes there can be anomalies in a laptop which it tends to display. There can be early signs of a laptop dying. A laptop displays a number of signs that it is dying and its for you to know.

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Still there are signs that a laptop shows when it's about to Die. Let's look at 5 signs you need to watch if your Laptop is dying.


Your laptop produces abnormal sounds from the motherboard. Its hard to say what, but the sound will vary based on your laptop.


Your Laptop heats up a lot. Your laptop heats up even within an hour of its usage.


Your Laptop has a problem while booting up or needs to be constantly restarted. It often breaks down and you are trying to fix it up with a reboot.


It frequently shows file errors. This happens while performing regular tasks especially when you are trying to open files or if while you are updating a software application installed on your Laptop.


Your Laptop has become incredibly slow. You are having a tough time with your laptop as it takes time for it to process information.

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