Buying Guide: 5 Key Differences Between Fanless Laptops and Laptops with Fans

    With more and more laptops coming up on the market, buyers usually tend to develop a dilemma onto which laptop to go for. Especially, when the choice is between a fanned or fanless laptop, buyers are prone to get confused a lot.

    5 Key Differences Between Fan and Fanless Laptops

    It has been decades now that we tend to get confused on which laptop is better a fanned one or a fanless one.

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    However, both types have its own pros and cons, and it depends on the users' requirements.

    We at GIZBOT have come up with 5 differences between a fanned and fanless laptop making it easy for the users to make a choice based on their need.

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    Heating Effect is a Major Concern

    Overheating is the most important problem that PC or laptop owners face and it affects the laptop's hardware system.

    Fanned Laptop is at an advantage when overheating is concerned. The tiny fan behind the laptop is there with a purpose and it is to cool down the CPU and graphics card.

    Whereas, a fanless laptop often accumulates dust in the vents and fans through the cooling channels which in turn restricts air flow leading to affecting the motherboard and other parts of the laptop.

    All the users have to do is to make an effort to clean it to save their laptop from overheating.

    Silent Operation is Important

    The sudden noise that our laptops make always gives us chills and is a matter of concern.

    A fanned Laptop often creates noise, which is quite disturbing. Whereas, a fanless laptop eliminates all the noise a laptop makes.

    Hence, fanless computers are commonly used as HTPCs as they can replace several existing audio/visual components with a single computer that runs silently.

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    External Debris Often Builds Problems

    For the fanned laptops, some of them blow inward and others blow outward depending on the location of the fan and the air circulation dynamics.

    By blowing inward, a laptop not only carries cool air but also debris including dust and dirt that help the laptop from being affected.

    Whereas, a fanless laptop usually eliminates the inflow of debris that can potentially harm the laptop.

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    Location Flexibility for the Fanless Laptops

    Unlike a fanned laptop, a fanless laptop can be placed in anywhere as per the users' requirement.

    Remember that a fanned laptop has to be put in a place that is suitable and it should not block the fan and let the device work efficiently.

    No Moving Parts Reduces Damage

    In a fanned laptop, when a fan has a mechanical failure, it not only requires a replacement fan but also puts the stability and health of the laptop at risk.

    However, with a fanless laptop, the user can efficiently eliminate the risk of a fan's mechanical breakdown, which in turn saves the laptop from being potentially damaged.

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