Is Your Laptop Battery Not Charging? Try These 5 Tricks to Get it Back to Life

Sometimes, your laptop's battery refuses to charge. It is not too surprising. Batteries are known to only last long, but the poor working conditions can reduce their lifespan drastically. Even issues with the chargers or overweening power draw can be significant issues. Here are some solutions to resolve.

Is Your Laptop Battery Not Charging? Try These 5 Tricks

Are You Drawing A Lot Of Power?

All the electronic devices have a power supply that is designed to handle some amount of juice. A device without a battery has a maximum amount of power draw that should be handled. Those that have batteries are different as they are bundled with adapters handle a particular amount of power.

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If you are charging the battery and consuming it completely, the battery might stop or slow down to charge. Many smartphones and tablets show such behavior. USB charging is the issue mostly as a USB connection renders less power than a charger plugged into the wall socket. Laptops are less likely to have this problem, but it might be observed in gaming laptops.

Is Your Laptop Battery Not Charging? Try These 5 Tricks

Is the Battery Connection Secure?

Make sure there are no gaps and that the battery is connected properly with its mount. In that case, remove the battery and check its connectors. Though it is rare, any connection can be blocked by debris or a part of the connection might be bent or the connector might have corroded.

You can just wipe away debris with a soft cloth or re-position any bent metal using a pair of tweezers or remove the corrosion using a small amount of a cleaner. In case you are using water, ensure that it is dry before using the battery again.

Is Your Laptop Battery Not Charging? Try These 5 Tricks

Is The Power Adapter Working?

Sometimes, the adapter might be broken. The easiest way to find this is to remove the battery and plug in the adapter to check if the device turns on. You should check if the device works even when the device draws a lot of power like while playing a game.

Is Your Laptop Battery Not Charging? Try These 5 Tricks

Re-Calibrate The Battery

Sometimes, the battery may not charge because there is a calibration issue. Calibration issues take place as the battery does not have a gauge inside it. The operating system just predicts the battery life. You need to calculate the battery size, current power draw, and past battery life.

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Resetting the battery will help in resolving this issue. Let the battery discharge fully and charge it again. The re-charge process might take several hours and it may not seem to proceed, but give it time. If the battery is 100% charged, your troubles are solved.

Is Your Laptop Battery Not Charging? Try These 5 Tricks

Give The Battery Time To Recover

A deeply discharged battery might seem dead. It simply hints that the amount of charge you have drawn out of the battery was more than it was designed to render. To get the battery back to life, you need to turn the device off and let it charge for a few hours.

The Battery's Still Not Working!

Even after trying these tips, if your laptop or tablet battery is still not running, then its time for you to replace the battery.

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