Biggest Laptop Vendors in The World No Longer Sell Laptops With Hard Disk Drives


Just a few years back only high-end PCs and laptops offered fast SSD-based storage solutions. As the price of the SSDs trickled down, more laptops and computers started replacing HDDs with SSDs or giving hybrid storage solutions. As per the latest report, the biggest laptop brands in the world have stopped selling HDD-based laptops on their official website.

RIP Laptops With Rotating Hard Drive: Is SSD The New Normal?

According to the latest research from TechRadar Pro, brands like Dell Lenovo, and HP have completely moved on to SSD-based laptops. In fact, the report further suggests that these brands don't even have a single laptop with an HDD on their website, and they either use eMMC (on Chromebooks) or an SSD (SATA or NVMe).

Is This Report True?

Not entirely, at least not in India. The aforementioned brands still offer entry-level laptops with HDDs in India. While Dell does not have any HDD-based laptops on their Indian website, Lenovo India currently offers over nine laptop models with a 5400RPM HDD. Similarly, HP also didn't have any HDD-based laptops listed on its Indian website.

We also checked out Acer India's website; they have a couple of HDD-based laptops in India. Lastly, we checked Asus India's website, and they have a couple of laptops with HDD, and a couple more with both SSD and HDD storage solutions.

RIP Laptops With Rotating Hard Drive: Is SSD The New Normal?

New Age Brands Are Doing Much Better Than Veterans

While some of the well-established laptops brands still continue to offer laptops with SSD, new laptops brands like Xiaomi, Infinix, Nokia, and Realme have only launched laptops with SSDs. Hence, in terms of adopting new and better technology, these brands are doing a much better job.

Don't Buy A Laptop With HDD In 2022?

If you are looking for a laptop in 2022, then make sure you don't get one with an HDD. In fact, we also suggest you get a laptop with NVMe SSD instead of SATA SSD. I believe brands will finally stop launching new laptops with HDD, and 2023 could be the year of all-SSD laptops, offering better load time and faster boot speed.

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