Total lies: 5 Phone Charging Myths You Shouldn't Believe!

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The phone battery is one of the most important parts of your phone as long as the other parts of the phone are running well. The phone battery eventually powers your phone to keep it running. We all have our own doubts about the battery of the phone. You may be always charging your phone so that you never run out of power and so that your phone can always stay running.

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Here are 5 myths about the Phone battery that are busted!

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Using a non-branded charger can destroy your phone

While Non-branded chargers can be used, they should be used optionally. A non-branded they might not always suit your phone. It is always better to use the charger provided with your phone. If not, get yourself a branded charger. The best thing would be to use a phone charger that suits your phone and its specifications. While a Standard Charger will do the job, inquire before buying.

You Should Not use your Phone while charging

The Truth is, you can really use your phone when it charges. However, use branded chargers or the chargers provided with your phone. Using a non-branded charger can make your phone explode or end up in electrocution. An approved charger is always best to go with.

Charging our phone overnight kills the battery

Gone are the days, when this could happen, while this was true for very old phone. Nowadays, the battery automatically stops charging once its full.

You don't need to Turn off Your phone Turning off your phone

The fact is your phone needs rest. After using it for a long time, it is always better to switch off your phone everyday for a few hours. Turning off the phone is a must.

Dont Charge battery till its completely dead

You can do this. However, you won't be able to use your phone when you need it most. Charge your phone everyday from time to time. You can keep your phone battery levels to 50% if not 0%. A phone always works better with 50% battery.

Heat will ruin the battery and the phone.

Heat will definitely ruin the battery and your phone. It is not myth it will ruin your phone.

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