What could cause your laptop to shut-down randomly

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    When our computer or laptop suddenly get shuts down without any prompt, we get a panic attack, that too, if we are in the middle of something important.

    What could cause your laptop to shut-down randomly


    However, computers are intelligent and have a built-in self-protecting mechanism that shuts off the whole system if any components get too hot. Today, we list out the top reasons on why your laptop randomly shuts down.


    First and foremost issue one could face is the overheating problem. However, the fan inside the system takes care of heating if it is properly maintained without any dust. Saying that dirty fans with dust all over, cannot work to its full potential.

    In this case, you need to check at your video card fans, case fans, and processor fans to see if any of them are squealing. If you are looking at the fans, take a moment to clean them.

    Hardware failure

    This is another reason for random system shut down. In this case, check the hardware as follows: RAM, CPU, your motherboard, power supply and your video card. If you've recently added any new hardware remove it and see if the shut down goes well.


    If you are using your laptop for too long, then the random shut down might have happened due to the battery also. Remove your battery and check whether it has the same ampere the laptop requires if not, you need to replace it with a new one.

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    Wrong Charger

    Generally, the gamers require chargers with higher voltage capacities, with the preferred voltage from 100w to 240w. While most of them don't realize it and use 90w. Games are one of that stuff, that requires huge power consumption.


    Another but rare thing to make your computer shut down is none other than the Virus. There are some computer viruses will actually shut off your computer.

    This virus can be activated sometimes by keystroke or opening any applications as well. To make sure you have your best protection against viruses, always install a good background anti-virus program.

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