10 Star Wars Sci-Fi Tech Inventions That Exist In Real-Life

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Star Wars is full of flying droids and robot soldiers. It is ahead of its time and imagined an awe inspiring science-fiction world that has embedded in our memories forever.

We all have seen all the high-tech gadgets throughout all of the films, wishing to have a lightsabers and robots and much more. But, in the real world, most of their counterparts. Star Wars tech can be found in the real world today and some might come in near future.

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We have listed out some Star Wars tech that can be found in the real world, have a look at the slider below.

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Battle Droids

Star Wars Tech

Battle Droids were seen throughout the Star Wars movies and were quite useful. The military has taken some cues from Star Wars and is now creating their own battle droids called as "BigDogs". The BigDogs are remote-controlled robots and will be fighting the wars of the future.

Heads Up Display

Star Wars Tech

Modern fighter jets in Star Wars uses heads-up display to help navigation and attack, but now its being incorporated into cars. BMW and GM actually have these head-up display in their cars. The BMW 7-Series allows you to see your speed and navigation. Well, GM is actually working on full heads-up display for the windshield, that display speed, navigation, temperature and more.

Holograms first real holographic message

Star Wars Tech

University of Arizona has created the first real holographic message. It worked using 16 cameras to create the source, then two lasers were used to transmit the message to create an interference fringe pattern, to appear like a hover in space.

Bionic Hands

Star Wars Tech

Bionic Hands from Stars Wars in now a reality. I-LIMB Pulse bionic hand has came up with a new technology that works by reading tiny electric pulses in your arm and then send them to the hand to move it accordingly.

Magnetic Levitation

Star Wars Tech

China has started construction on the world's first commercial train that uses magnetic levitation. The new train is supposed to reach speeds of up to 250 mph between Shanghai's new financial district to its new airport.


Star Wars Tech

Everybody wants their own droid after watching the Star Wars movies. Honda created the ASIMO humanoid robot that can recognize moving objects, sounds, faces and more.

3D Chess

Star Wars Tech

Sony has created a PlayStation game called EyePet that allows your to interact with animated characters, sort of augmented reality. The system had a video camera that captured players and showed it on a live feed, allowing players to play within the game.


Star Wars Tech

Hovercraft, soft of flying cars, that just hover over land. Moller International has created M200G, a red flying car, that can hover 10 feet off the ground and can speed up to 50mph.


Star Wars Tech

The lightsaber weapon has been one of the coolest weapons in all of Star Wars movie history. Well, scientists and physicists says such a weapon can never be created because light can never stay frozen in space as its tendency is to scatter.

Well, laser weapons are being researched for military purpose. The Airborne Laser is being developed on to emit a continuous beam of light. Well several projects like PEP are being developed for the U.S. Army.

Speeder Bikes

Star Wars Tech

Aerofex is in the process of perfecting a "low-altitude tandem duct aerial vehicle" that hover like a speeder bikes in Star Wars.

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