10 Utterly Weird Phone Cases No One In Their Right Mind Would Use

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Think you have the most unique phone case ever, well think again. Like Lady Gaga and her outfits were not crazy enough for the world to handle, they came up with these bizarre cases and awful designs.

Maybe some people thought of giving Lady Gaga a run for her money. These cases are like those Fashion outfits or Million Dollar paintings that you would never come to understand. So here are the weirdest cell phone cases of all time that people have used around the world.

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Please do the world a favour and never ever even think of buying any of these weird cell phone cases. Unless you want to scare someone or give the worst gift to your partner so that they would breakup with you.

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Edible iPhone Case


Yes you can actually eat this case as it is made up of brown rice but we wonder how it will taste. It costs around $80 and if you ever plan to eat it, then it comes with a free load of germs that it has attracted so far.
Source- metropolis.co.jp

Phone case with a hand


This one's especially for them who feel lonely at times. And it actually makes sense as phones have become our new best friends or even life partners, so who wouldn't want to hold hands of their life partner.
Source- www.hongkiat.com

Armour Case


If you are very much concerned about your phone's safety and get nightmares about it falling & breaking into pieces then maybe you can opt for this option if public opinion don't matter to you at all.
Source- www.indiatimes.com

Doughnut Case


Talk about having a sweet tooth and here you have your phone turned into a doughnut, pity you can't actually eat it though.
Source- elrinconcurioso.com

How about a Phone case with a face


Now the question is not why would anyone want a weird face sticking out of their phones because frankly speaking we know there are a lot of crazy people living in the world already. But the question is how they will fit that in their pockets.
Source- pann.nate.com

Finger in the Nose!


Remember how you're Mom' must have stopped you from sticking your fingers in the nose as a kid. Well, now you can do just that but without getting scolded by your Mom'.
Source- odditymall.com

Ear – Phone – Case!


Looks like someone took a literal or a wrong meaning of the word ‘Ear phone', but since we have already seen phone cases with a face, a hand and a nose then why not an ‘Ear'. Maybe it can get you a better signal and solve all your network related problems! :p

Sorce- odditymall.com

Let’s Go Bananas..!


No comments!
Source- www.amazon.com



Remember those days when owning a Nokia phone was a status symbol and the only game available was snake and snakes 2 in the higher end phones! :p
source- museperk.com

The Rock


It sounds cool but it doesn't look that cool unless you are a diehard fan of Flintstones. Plus there is a risk of your kid mixing it up with actual rocks.
Source- wheretoget.it

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