5 of the biggest smartwatch myths busted

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Smartwatches are relatively new. Unlike Analog Watches, Smartwatches have different Features. While Analog Watches are capable of showing only Time and Date. Smartwatches on the contrary are like Digital Watches with several enhancements. Smartwatches come with features which allow you to measure health, heart rate, etc.However, the smartwatch remains a niche product. While Smartphones are not here to replace watches, they are only an alternative.

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All smartphone companies have jumped into the making smartwatches. All the companies, Samsung, Apple, Huawei have launched Smartwatches in the past one year. Several Traditional analog Watch companies too are jumping into this category. In India, Titan has launched Juxt Smartwatches. While luxury Watch companies are too launching their own variety of expensive smartwatches.

Let's look at 5 Myths associated with Smartwatches:


It's true that several fitness features on smartwatches are not accurate and may vary from device to device. However, new updates to smartwatches are fixing these issues and errors that users may have faced earlier. Also new smartwatches are being made more accurate and you can expect these features to be improvised in upcoming smartwatches.


It's true that Smartwatches are for gadget freaks. However, several people who are interested in Fitness are now using Smartwatches to keep track of their daily activities.


Smartwatches are an extension of Smartphones. As one is able to receive notifications on one's smartwatches. One can access notifications, reminders, music, etc on smartwatches. Its false to say that Smartwatches are a mirror of Smartphones.


It might be true that some smartwatches have only 5 hours of battery life. Smartwatches can deliver up to a day of battery life. Some of the smartwatches out there deliver up to 2-3 days of battery life.


Its true that smartwatches are bulky. There are also variants of lighter smartwatches in the market, among the heavier ones. Also in the future we can expect more lighter smartwatches.

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