5 Best Biometric Alternatives That Can Replace Passwords

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Passwords are good to keep your data secure, but these are prone to hacks. Of course, the password had its moment, but the hard to remember strings of letters and numbers are becoming insecure and clunky to manage.

5 Best Biometric Alternatives That Can Replace Passwords

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With the advancement in technology, the next wave in the security of devices has come up and it involves biometric authentication. Though we have already seen smartphones coming up with fingerprint scanners and iris scanners, these are futuristic practices that are fool-proof.

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Talking of biometric technologies that will replace passwords, you might remember fingerprint scanners, voice recognition, and iris scanners. However, there are a slew of other biometric technologies that have started emerging. Take a look at some of these alternatives to passwords from here.

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Retina or Iris Scanner

There are a few devices that are coming up with iris or retina scanners these days. You can use your eye as each person's eye has a unique pattern. This way, you can secure your device and the data stored in it.

Facial Recognition

Like fingerprints, even facial recognition is used to replace passwords. You can use facial recognition to protect your devices and keep the data safe. The cameras on the smartphones can be used to unlock the device using this technology.

Voice Recognition

With this feature, any device or service will authenticate the user based on several vocal characteristics such as harmonics, pitch, geometry, and range. It can be used to safeguard your details using a voice command.


Each individual's heartbeat and electrical signals are unique and quite difficult to replicate. The recent advancements have made the same to be used in small devices such as fitness devices and others. You can use the electrical signals of your heart to safeguard your data.


Fingerprint scanners are likely to replace passwords as unlike the latter it cannot be altered or forgotten. Each individual has a unique fingerprint scanner and you can make use of the same to keep your smartphone or any other device and the data stored in it secure using the same.

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