5 Things to Know About the 'i' in Apple's iPhone, iPad and iPod!

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Apple has several of its products including iPhone, iPod, iPad and so on and so forth. Apple's iPhone refers to the "internet". Apple initially started putting the "i" prefix with the iMac. The trend later was carried forward with the iPhone, the iPad and several other products.

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We look at five things behind Apple giving the "i" identity to its products:


When launching the iMac, Steve Jobs said that the computer was invented for the number one reason and that was the internet. Internet usage became a highlight of the iMac as internet began to get popular at the time.


Steve Jobs also said that the word "i" represented or stood for individual, instruct, inform, inspire apart from the internet.


Apple later introduced the iPod, the iPhone, the iPad and so on. It also named its music store as iTunes. and several other products with an "i" prefix.


Naming its smartphone as iPhone led to a legal proceedings with Cisco, since Cisco already had a product by the same name.


Apple's recent products were named as Apple Watch and Apple TV. Apple dropped the letter "i" from both of these products.

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