5 Things to know about Smart Table that Charges Phone

    We all love a good cup of coffee. The love for tea and coffee is so profound in several places around the world. This love for coffee made two university students from Denmark to come up with something special - A table that charges Phones with heat on the Table. Surprisingly, one of the students is of Indian Origin. The Kitchen Table is not yet commercially available to audiences. The table is currently developed and we can expect the Table to come out in a couple of months.

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    Two university students have teamed up with IKEA to make this dream come true of being able to charge your phone from a Coffee Mug placed on a Table. The Kitchen Table uses heat generated from hot foods on the table and converts the power to Charge Phones.

    Lets look at 5 facts about this fascinating gadget that allows one to charge phones with an IKEA furniture:


    They've come up with a genius design that converts the heat from your cup of coffee (or anything, really, as long as it's hot) into power. Generating electricity is not limited to Coffee mugs but anything that 's hot.


    The designers came up with a tabletop that harvests heat from whatever you put on it. Then you set your phone on the table, near where an X marks the spot, and the energy is transferred right into your phone - so it's wireless to boot.


    The project, called Heat Harvest, came out of the Space 10 lab, an IKEA initiative where up-and-coming designers work on products that will make urban living that much better.


    Heat Harvest is a device that can either stand alone or be integrated into household items, such as tables, to capture wasted heat from our everyday objects and turn it into free, green electricity that can be reused at home.


    Uses Wireless Charging. It's an efficient and sustainable solution to our modern society where lot of electricity is wasted.


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