5 Ways Robots will Overtake Human Tasks in the Future

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Robotic technology development started a few decades back and now it is mature enough and robots are already helping humans in many sectors.

5 Ways Robots will Overtake Human Tasks in the Future

Robots have taken over human roles in the manufacturing, healthcare, and automotive industries to mention a few. The field of robotics is yet to progress, but the same is helping us in your personal way in a significant way.

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Well, there are personal robots that will play a great role in enhancing our daily lives. The personal robots will become mainstream in the future for the benefits that they come up with. Take a look at five ways in which personal robots can transform our lives in the future.

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Robots can take good care of senior people

When it comes to personal robots, in the future, these will be used predominantly to take care of the senior citizens living in the elderly care facilities. It is estimated that the population of people aged 65 and above will increase by 100 percent within 2050 and that of the younger generation will increase by 1/6th only. Personal robots can make daily tasks easier as they can help the elderly in bathing, lifting heavy objects and keeping their minds sharp with trivia games.

They'll be social

Instead of doing chores for you, the personal robots will be given the ability to recognize facial expressions, body language and verbal cues and offer a more human-like interaction. These robots will read clues and they can hold personal and life-like conversations.

They'll team up along with you

In order to leave an impact on your personal life, the robots don't have to be human-like in the coming days. In fact, the way they interact with one another could greatly improve your quality of life. With swarm robot technology, robots can communicate with each other to make things like driving safer or even be injected into our bodies to fight diseases.

You can customize your robot

Psychological research shows humans are desperate to anthropomorphize anything that remotely resembles a human, so robots of the future will allow us to choose their gender, age, voice and much more in order to make the experience more personal.

Robots will become a part of your family

You don't have to wait long for this. Personal robots are coming up with the name social robot and Jibo is the world's first such social robot.

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