7 Things you must do to your new smartphone to avoid getting a heart attack!

    Have you recently spent a heavy amount of money to finally buy your dream smartphone? We are sure this premium league smartphone must be very precious and dear to you, considering its price that must be about as much as you would get for selling your kidney! We are also sure that you wouldn't want anything sad or bad to happen to this precious phone of yours.

    7 Things You MUST DO If you have bought a premium smartphone

    Well, just in case you want to avoid getting a cardiac arrest due to your all new smartphone, we suggest you to make sure to do some important things. No, by important things, we don't want you to go out of the way or jump from a cliff to save your phone, or promise you that you phone will remain new forever! But, we ask you to take some simple measures for the longevity of your new partner. Do take a look, and comment if you have anything to add.

    7 Things You MUST DO If you have bought a premium smartphone

    Protect the display:

    Not all phones are shatterproof, and a cracked display is one of the worst that can happen to a premium smartphone! So, unless you own a Motorola Moto X Force, you should get a good tempered screen protection to protect the display of your phone from cracks and other accidental damages. Always remember that a tempered glass works better than the regular screen guards!

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    Get the back covered:

    If you don't want stupid scratches or marks or dents or any other sort of damage to the chassis of your phone, make sure that you invest in a solid back-cover or shell for your precious darling. And you don't have to compromise with the looks for safety, as you can easily find a tough yet quirky or trendy back cover for your smartphone. There are plenty of quirky flip or back covers available in the market.

    7 Things You MUST DO If you have bought a premium smartphone

    Get your phone insured!

    Did you know that you could get insurance policy for your smartphone as well? There are several companies that offer insurance for smartphones, which cover all sort of services including physical damages, liquid damage as well as mechanical failure. Is not it better to get the phone insured rather than paying for heavy damage repair bills!

    7 Things You MUST DO If you have bought a premium smartphone

    Find your phone remotely in case of theft!

    You may feel lifeless on losing your phone to a thief or misplacing it! In case you don't want to simply lose your smartphone, make sure that you activate find my phone featre on iPhone, or Android Device Manager on your Android smartphone. These services will help you in locating your phone remotely. Moreover, you can now simply ask Google to find it for you right from a web search on www.google.com as well!

    7 Things You MUST DO If you have bought a premium smartphone

    Spend wisely, not miserly!

    Premium phones work well with accessories that are meant for these phones! Invest in meaningful accessories that help enhance the user experience, instead of spending on cheap accessories that make no sense to you after some time!

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    Use anti-malware software:

    With your premium phone being the primary screen for you, it is important that you protect the data from all sorts of malwares and phishing. We advise you to get an anti-virus or data security software installed on your phone to protect your important data and your phone from unwanted software virus.

    7 Things You MUST DO If you have bought a premium smartphone

    Use locking apps and secure your data!

    You wouldn't want anyone to be snooping into your private messages, photos and other data on your phone! Hence, use the locking apps that are given in the phone. Most of the new-gen premium smartphones come with fingerprint scanner locking system. Use it for better data safety and security!

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