OMG! Google just launched a VR headset and Samsung introduced Smart Trousers!

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Most of us have a little prankster in us and its time of the year when even the tech world goes overboard with April Fools' Day pranks. Every year top tech companies such as Google, Samsung, Sony and more have come up with the coolest and weirdest ideas and innovations.

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Have a look at the slides below and see what the top tech company have for us on April Fool's Day.

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Samsung has come up with Internet of trousers that sends a notification to your smartphone if your trouser remains unzipped for more than three minutes. In addition to that, it also offers alerts if you are sitting for too long and also locks the fridge when the tension around your waist gets too high.


Google has come up with an array of products. The first is plastic VR headset that is designed with a 4D integrated perspective, 20x20 resolution, 360-degree accurate sound, advanced and more realistic touch sensations.


Another product by Google, the 'Send + Mic Drop' button for Gmail. When you drop the mic, your email will also include an explanatory image.


Sony has given a major throwback on this April Fool's Day. The company came up with ghost-catching device called as the Proton Pack, that will be able to capture ectoplasmic matter.


Opera came up with a paper products prototypes of a laptops, desktops, computers, headphones, and mobile phones with built-in opera browsers.

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