Believe It Or Not! 13 of the Spookiest Objects seen on Mars

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Yes, you read it right. These images will astonish you and probably your reaction would be, "Oh my God! What's that?"

On the fourth planet from the Sun - Mars, Scientists came across about the speculations of possibility of existence of life. Mars, in terms of atmosphere, share similarities with Earth as Mars has mountains, valleys, water ice and the soil is rocky there too.

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NASA's Viking 1 Orbiter, in 1976 captured these (now) iconic image of Mars' surface. Go ahead, and have a look at the slider to see the images and let your imagination fly on how, why and what are these.

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Face on Mars is a classic


A newer look at the Mars face


A thigh bone on Mars


A wild jelly doughnut appears


Waffle-shaped island on Mars


Shiny object on Mars surface


Suspended 'spoon' stretches out


Metal on Mars


A bright light on Mars' horizon


Female statue on Mars?

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