Don't Be Cheap: Push Your Budget While Buying These 6 Devices

Sometimes spending some extra bucks is worth it! But how will you know? Sometimes you can't differentiate the quality of branded and cheaper product.

Don't Be Cheap: Push Your Budget While Buying These 6 Devices

Both will give an outstanding results initially, but on the long run the cheaper ones may suck due to lack of quality, reliability, etc. This goes hand in hand when it comes to electrical and tech world.

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Consumers often goes for the cheaper one without thinking about the future use! Many of the tech products are at cheaper price are adequate but they're just OK and usable. You can get better only by spending more. Today, we have compiled a list of tech product that you wont regret for pushing your budget.

Let the music touch your soul!

We all have experienced that moment, where one side of your headphones stops working! This happens only when you buy a cheap headphones from the roadside shops. What do costly headphones have, that the cheap headphones hasn't? In fact, lots! It has better quality, bass, good flavor of music and less noise distortion.

Last longer!

First of all, batteries come in two types -- alkaline and lithium. Comparatively Lithium is best, fairly safe and have a long shelf life. However, they are not rechargeable and have high internal resistance. In terms of rechargeable batteries, it is worth spending on a high end one, in case if you are planning to buy for your smartphones or laptops.

Cheap USB might damage smartphone!

In case if you are buying cheaper USB cable in the road side shop or non reputed stores, it can actually cause your device to charge more slowly. Moreover, there was a report back in 2014, that the low quality cable has actually damaged the iPhone 5s by destroying a chip that controlled battery, sleep button and USB port. Also, buying a cheap cable can damage your phone battery, which in some case non replaceable.

Buy the branded one's!

The legendary photographer Henri Cartier-Bresson described photography as being about what he called "the decisive moment". Is it worth spending extra bucks on higher gear or do you get what you need with cheaper models? If you are planning to buy any lenses, always buy a branded one rather than the cheap ones.

One of the biggest disadvantage of buying a cheap lens is that, it won't often give the result you imagined. On the other side, the expensive or the branded one will get you a sharper image with lots of details.

The most used computing device

Keyboards are the most underrated computing device in the world. Every day, it serves the users loyally taking all the bashing. The premium keyboard are the ones that makes you comfortable and lets you type more efficiently, that blends into the workflow. Investing in keyboard is always the great investments

You will get reward in return!

Here lets talk some economics! A durable good is an item that provides utility over a long period of time. Paying more for a laptop can reward you in many ways including faster processor, crisp display, increase your typing accuracy and make all your movies far more enjoyable with right kind of effects. But on the other side getting a cheap laptops are often a poor value and you can't get what you don't pay for. So always invest good amount of money in your laptops.

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