These 7 Futuristic Technologies Will Make Your Life Easier

    The term technology is used in everything these days. It is constantly evolving and taking different forms in almost all the segments.

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    These 7 Futuristic Technologies Will Make Your Life Easier

    Technology is here to bring innovations in every possible way that you might have not even thought of before. Take a look at seven futuristic technologies that will soon be available.

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    This is one of the simplest ideas that one can get. Be it your office or home, there are wires set up in each room for the electrical connections that are needed. Rather than having separate cables or phone lines, getting the internet connectivity through the already existing network will be great. If it becomes a reality, you need to find Ethernet wires. You just have to connect your computer to the power socket and it will not only charge your computer but also connect it to the internet. Western Digital's WD Livewire works as an adapter adding the internet to any existing electrical wiring.


    These days, we rely a lot on gadgets and use many such devices. Obviously, we need to carry the chargers for these devices as well along with us. To ease the charging process, manufacturers are implementing the wireless charging feature in their offerings. With this feature, you can charge your device by just placing it on an inductive mat. It is as simple as that. There are standards such as PMA and Qi that are used in some high-end devices already. You can easily get the wireless charging mat or dock and opt for a wireless charging case to get the feature.


    While we have mostly seen flat screens on smartphones and other gadgets, it need not be always flat. Well, manufacturers such as LG and Samsung has come up with curved displays. With flexible displays, it is possible to come up with innovatively shaped and designed gadgets or even roll them up.


    Lytro has come up with a camera that lets you shift the focus in an image after you have clicked it. As there is no need to focus the subject before clicking the photo, the camera actually works pretty faster. It can capture indepth details of the image and the maximum light in the frame. It enables clicking better low light images without the usage of flash and also 3D images. Similar features have been implemented by smartphone makers such as Huawei, Xolo, and Qiku with the help of dual cameras for depth sensing.


    The biggest concern of the electronic gadget users is liquid damage. While there are a few waterproof devices in the market, they are bulkier and more expensive than the ordinary ones. Many companies are researching the use of nano-coating on the internal parts of the smartphones. This way, your smartphone can be made waterproof without being bulky. This will be considered by many more manufacturers in the future.


    The battery tech has not evolved much like the other technologies. The phone batteries usually last for a day or two. But, soon there will be batteries that require charging just once in a year. This will be possible with the use of fuel cell batteries that can generate electricity for a much longer duration than the alkaline or Li-Ion batteries. This is done using a chemical reaction of oxygen and hydrogen. The concept of mobile fuel cells is still in development and it is expected to power smartphones, tablets, and notebooks.


    Google is already demoing the concept of self-driving cars. There are rumors that many other companies will try their hand at this technology. Such cars use many sensors with a computerized vision system. The software will collect the data and analyze the same to control the vehicle. All you need to do is set the destination, sit back, and relax. Though this is years away, Tesla has come up with an advanced autopilot system that can steer and apply the brakes for you.

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