Did You Know! These 10 Odd Gadgets Exist in Reality

    If love watching science fiction movies and the popular James Bond series, you need to know that some of those awesome gadgets are a reality. Thanks the amazing technology that exist these days!

    Did You Know! These 10 Odd Gadgets Exist in Reality

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    There are wearable devices to apps and other technology that can help you in your everyday activities. For instance, technology plays a role in leaving quitting the smoking habit, listen to music with your ears free, etc.

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    Get a list of 10 sci-fi gadgets that you didn't know existed in real life from the slider below.

    Hi-tech socks

    This is a pair of ultra-durable waterproof socks made from a material that is 15 times stronger than steel. It will replace the common trainer for athletes who can take up virtually any sport. The revolutionary FYF sock by Swiss Barefoot Company is named 'FreeYourFeet'. It fits like a glove and can be used on any surface. Dyneema is the fabric that is used and it is extremely strong and durable. It can float on water and it is resistant to moisture, UV light and chemicals.


    A European design company has designed the Batband, headband style headphones that allows you to listen to music and answer incoming calls on your smartphone while keeping your ears free. It enables the user to listen to music using bone conduction. It uses three transducers to transmit sound waves to the wearer's inner ear. The new-age headphones use Bluetooth to pair with a smartphone for wireless audio streaming.

    Reduce smoking this app based case

    Here's how you can cut back on your smoking in a classy way. Lowiee is an anodized aluminum case controlled by a smartphone app and a fingerprint reader, The case allows the users to set the number of cigarettes they wish to smoke in a day, week, or month as well the amount they want to spend on it. The app also provides details of the health benefits and financial savings made by regulating their consumption.

    Haz Smart Umbrella

    The HAZ Umbrella was developed by a Taiwan-based tech startup HAZ Digital. It is claimed to be the world's first internet-connected umbrella. The HAZ Umbrella opens and retracts all with a simple click on your phone.

    Trakkies Device

    This is a revolutionary coin-sized device ensures you never forget to pick up essential items because it warns you when you're about to leave the house without them. 'Trakkies', are a collection of tiny circular gadgets that can be attached to keys, a bag, or a wallet or purse. They then alert the user if they have forgotten to pick up a certain item by flashing their LEDs and making noises. Users can also connect their smartphone to the devices by downloading the Trakkies app and will be given precise directions to the item they have left behind.

    I'm Up Alarm

    The I'm Up Alarm app's difference lies in the fact that once it goes off at the set time, the alarm can only be turned off when you physically get out of bed and scan a QR code which is placed in another part of the house.

    Acticheck Assure

    British company Acticheck has developed a wearable technology, named Acticheck Assure, which continuously checks if the user is still alive and informs the relatives, if not. This watch-like tech monitors the wearer's temperature and movements conducting end-to-end checks every 15 minutes. The analysis and information is then stored online and can be accessed by anyone with credentials.

    Sun Strap

    The Sun Strap is a unique charging device and it makes use of solar energy for charging gadgets through a USB port. The flexible solar panel is actually made of weather and water-proof material and it can be attached to the strap of your bag. The panel draws sunlight and converts it into energy, thereby charging the internal battery. Any device connected to the USB port in the Sun Strap can be charged.


    Scientists from RIKEN and Sumitomo Riko Company Limited have developed a new experimental nursing care robot called ROBEAR. The robot is capable of performing tasks such as shifting a patient from a bed to a wheelchair and providing assistance to a patient who needs help to stand up.


    The Runcible is described as the first personal device for the post-smartphone era and it is modeled on an old-fashioned pocket watch. The round device has a natural design reminiscent of a pebble and includes a high-performance phone and camera.

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