These 8 Things Show That We Are Highly Dependent on Technology

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Have you ever imagined what might happen if your computer crashed? If there is no internet connection for a week? These scenarios might give you anxiety. But, you are not left alone.

These 8 Things Show That We Are Highly Dependent on Technology

Almost everyone relies a lot on technology these days that it becomes highly inconvenient to think of losing the same even for one single day. What might happen if you spend one day without technology, be it your mobile, laptop, social media networks or any thing.

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It won't be an exaggeration to say that technology has made us lazy or too dependent. With the right kind of tech, you can get everything done with in a jiffy without making any great effort. Of course, it has made life convenient, but it has made us scary too to think what would happen without the same.

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Remembering a phone number is a big task

We might have a few phone numbers in our memory, but we don't remember all the important numbers that we might need in case of an emergency. For instance, do you remember your neighbor's phone number? What will happen if you lose your mobile and there's no sort of backup for the contacts?

No internet, no work

In most cases, if internet isn't working, the work will come to a standstill. Well, we can't even send an email without internet. This is a practical problem that we are facing these days. In fact, having a conversation with a co-worker might help to handle the work-related issues in an effective way.

There's no life without phone

This is perhaps the problem itself. Addiction to technology is a reality and people check their emails and messages almost 2167 times a day as per a recent report. Can you imagine living a day without your smartphone? This should be a great milestone for most of us as we are too dependent on the same.

Get everything you want from Google

Google there is to help us in anything that we want. You can get answers to simple questions such as "how to boil water". Google has made the learning process extremely easy for everyone. With the search engine, you need not worry about anything that you don't know.

Get rid of boredom at your home itself

You can enjoy watching movies on Netflix at the comfort of your phone. Also, you can play games on PlayStation or any other gaming console without moving out of your home. All this has made people really lazy and dependent on tech.

Smart keys to unlock cars

Nowadays, cars come with the smart key technology that is an electronic access to the car. The smart key lets the driver lock, unlock and start the car without pulling out the keys from the pocket or bag.

GPS is there to save when you're lost

You might be on an official or a camping trip, GPS is there to rescue you when you are lost on your way. GPS has made commuting from one place to another very simple. You need not remember all the routes as you can take help of this tech whenever there's a necessity.

You fail to live the moment

We are all busy in picturing the scenario. We take out our smartphones and cameras to shoot or capture the moment instead of actually enjoying it. Of course, we are trying to preserve the moment for the future, but we are not experiencing it when it is happening.

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