6 Myths Related to Smartphone Usage AT NIGHT Debunked

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Its widely believed that looking at our smartphones for a long time at night can ruin your sleep and health as well. But, how many of us put out our phones or at least limit the blue light from the screen?

6 Myths Related to Smartphone Usage AT NIGHT Debunked

All devices such as smartphones, tablets and laptops emit bright blue light that helps the display to be visible even under direct sunlight. But, the effect that this light has on our sleep is definitely a reason to be concerned.

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However, a recent study suggests that ample exposure to the daytime light can help combat the sleep disorders that are associated with the use of electronic devices at night. The study showed that daytime bright light exposure that is outdoor activities or light interventions in workplaces do not have any effect on the sleep in the youngsters who use a self-luminous tab for a couple of hours in the evening.

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Check out the conclusions of the study and the myths that are related to the smartphone usage at night that are proved to be wrong from here.

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No significant effect on sleep-wake cycle

There's no significant effect on the sleep pattern due to the use of electronic devices at night, revealed the study. However, you need to know that using such devices for important purposes such as social media updates or checking work emails can lead to sleep disturbances as there could be emotional arousal.

No difference in sleep parameters

The study involved two groups of people and asked them to read from 9 pm to 11 pm. One group used a tab and the other used a normal physical book. Surprisingly, there was no difference in the sleep parameters in both reading conditions.

Depreciation of sleep

The blue light from smartphone was linked to disrupted melatonin production. Melatonin is a hormone that regulates the body's sleeping cycle. Without a properly regulated sleep cycle, you cannot get enough of the sleep you need. Lack of sleep or skewed sleeping cycles are associated with a whole bunch of health issues.

Lack of melatonin might result in cancer

The lack of melatonin can make you more vulnerable to disease as it is linked to higher rates of breast, ovarian, and prostate cancers. But the study proved that there the pre-saliva melatonin levels are same among both groups of participants.

Melatonin levels are linked to depression

Exposure to blue light has been said to have an impact on peoples' mood. At the same time, lower melatonin levels has been linked to higher rates of depression. This is also proved a myth as the study denies it.

It can damage your eyes

Optometrists are said to be seeing higher levels of retinal stress in young people that could lead to disorders such as macular degeneration. In extreme cases, this can cause near blindness. This exposure can also cause retinal toxicity.

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