Put a Stop to Annoying Calls from Telemarketers with These 7 Tips

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You would've definitely faced a situation of getting an annoying call from an unknown number when you are busy with something or relaxing at your leisure. Even though you didn't want to pick it up, you attend to it to know who the caller on the other end is.

Put a Stop to Annoying Calls from Telemarketers with These 7 Tips

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Finally, instead of a human, you will hear a prerecorded message that you don't care about. In some cases, the message will be generated on the go using a text to speech technology. Such calls are called robocalls and these are too annoying.

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A robocall will be delivered using an autodialer that will automatically dial the number without an operator. The robocalls are used for a wide range of purposes such as research pollsters, credit card fraud alerts, appointment reminders, telemarketing, and scams too. Irrespective of their usefulness, these are quite a nuisance. Take a look at how you can stop receiving the annoying robocalls from here.

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Sign up to DND

DND or Do Not Disturb feature is the best one you could use. The registration process varies from one service provider to another. You can register to it to get the telemarketers off the call records.

Block Numbers

If you continuously receive annoying robocalls from specific numbers, you can consider blocking the individual numbers. Most smartphones have the ability to do so or there are third party apps that also serve the purpose.

Read the Fine Print

You need to read the Terms of Service always if you are asked to provide the phone number. It is necessary to check the fine print to know that your number is not distributed to anyone else.

Use a Fake Number

If you need to sign up to some service that requires your phone number, you can give a fake number. This depends on the situation. You can't give a fake number on your medical records.

Revoke Calling Permission

If you gave the consent to a business to give robocalls to you accidentally, you can take it back always. The customer support should be approached to add your number to the do not call list.

Try TrueCaller

TrueCaller is a wonderful third-party app that will identify the caller for you. The app can also marks the callers as spam to make it easier for you to identify the robocalls.

Don't Press Anything

Talking or pressing a button confirms that your number is a working number and it is real. This will prompt them to call you again and again.

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