Top 10 Tech Hacks: Make the best of your trip abroad

    Traveling to another country is an experience that we all want to go through; however what we don't want is any sort of inconvenience caused in terms of digital connectivity while going abroad. We are so attached to our tech-partners that it feels like impossible to separate ourselves from the beloved smartphones, cameras and other gadgets, even for a few hours let alone a few days. And imagine if you are asked to stay disconnected to the social platforms especially when you are traveling abroad, it will be like trying to live without breathing in Oxygen (for most, if not all)!

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    Well, knowing that we have been enslaved by our smartphones, and other gadgets, we can't really travel without our gadgets on our side, even if it accounts to more expenses.

    Here we give tips on how to make the best use of your smartphone while you are traveling abroad.

    Activate international roaming

    Most telecom operators offer international roaming plans and services for both post-paid as well as pre-paid subscribers. You can opt to active the services or can go for the likes of Matrix International SIM cards. These services will be costing you quite a lot but will ensure you that you don't feel disconnected to your virtual world.

    Buy local SIM

    One way is to rely up on the likes of Matrix services and other international roaming facilities for staying connected while traveling outside India. Another way is that you buy a SIM card in the country of your visit.

    We think that it is better that you buy a local SIM card at the destination itself, for it is a more convenient and affordable option, instead of taking the international facilities on your own number. Moreover, a local SIM card will be faster and smoother. We advise you to buy a SIM card at the Airport itself as these stores have some of the best deals for travelers.

    You can find a telecom store easily at the Airport, and get the SIM activated in no time.

    Get a good data plan

    If you are on a family trip or traveling with a partner, it is better to go for a data centric plan than opting for a plan that has more voice-calling minutes. It will be more useful considering that you can now make calls over data using services like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger and more, as well as share you internet plan over Wi-Fi hotspot with your travel companions.

    Free Wi-Fi

    If you don't want to spend much on you SIM plan, then go for the base plan to stay connected in case of emergency. Nevertheless, most of the shopping centers, tourist attractions, and restaurants in several countries offer free Wi-Fi connectivity. You can make use of the free Wi-Fi services to stay connected.

    Carry battery back up

    Traveling means more photos and data sharing. Doesn't it? You wouldn't want to miss on clicking pictures of the most popular monuments or yourself, while traveling, just because your phone runs out of battery. Hence, carry a power backup without a fail. And yes, don't forget to charge the battery backup!

    Don't forget to take adapter and convertor plug-ins

    Different countries have different style of electrical connecting pins and plug points. Just to avoid any sort of issue, ensure that you carry a universal travel connector or a connector that is suitable for the country of your visit.

    Translator apps

    English is one of the widely spoken languages, but there are countries where language might become a barrier. If you are travelling to countries like China, Korea, and Russia, you will need a person or services that translate the local language to English for you to understand. Make sure that you download an app to not feel stranded in an unknown country.

    Maps and navigation apps

    It happens often that we get confused between routes in our own city. Getting lost in a new country will be the last thing in your mind! It is always good to take directions from navigation services, however in case you are not using any telecom services, it is better to plan things before heading to your place of interest. You can make use of free Wi-Fi services and download map of the area that you plan to visit to access it even in offline mode.

    Planner and transport apps

    Many countries have well connected digital network, which helps commuters to know about the transportation services and other services and activities in the city. You can download such apps to make the best of your travel.

    Store Music

    We advise that you have some of your favorite music tracks saved on your phone to give you company when you are exploring the city while walking across the street and places of interest. After all, music is one of the best entertainment sources, and works for most.

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