Samsung's latest Smart Fridge is web-enabled with cameras, Huge Display and even Radio

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One of the highlights of CES has always been appliances technology mostly from LG and Samsung. This year, a major home appliances called "Family Hub" refrigerator from Samsung. The huge imposing-looking model is equipped with a 21.5-inch, 1080p monitor and cameras inside to watch what's going on inside.

The Smart Fridge is part of Samsung's Lifestyle Kitchen products that showcase IoT technology. 

The new refrigerator also allows users to check the content remotely via the smartphone app to when users are outside their homes. This will allow them to know about the condition of the pickles or if the milk is all right or if something kept in the fridge is still there or has been consumed.

Samsung's latest Smart Fridge has Cameras, Huge Display and even Radio
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The Smart Fridge lets users to know when they need to buy certain foods, and tell if they are available on sale from the local market, at least in Korea where the Fridge is being released. The screen displays web pages, recipes and more. The Smart Fridge allows users to micro-manage their family food by allowing them to leave notes and messages on the screen. The Fridge also has speakers mounted on the door that allows for listening to Radio stations when one is sitting in the Kitchen or cooking. The Smart Fridge also has a hub to control connected objects from "Smart Things". The Smart Fridge will launched in Korea, much before it launches else where.

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