Why Apple acquires this Hyderabad based startup company?

    It is a well-known fact that working in a startup is challenging and at the same time a great learning experience for young minds.

    Why Apple acquires this Hyderabad based startup company?

    It is a place where you can collaborate with goal-driven visionaries, who can offer you ample opportunities to grow, expand and learn the ins and outs of structuring an organization from the scratch. If not this, you can land up in some organization who considers startup worthy of being acquired.

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    Having said that, the team of Hyderabad based startup must be having their gala time as they have been acquired by one of the most valuable company of all time- the Apple Inc.

    While Apple never talks about their acquisitions, we try to find out what makes the Cupertino giant so curious about the Indian startup.

    What is so interesting about Tuplejump?

    Tuplejump is a Hyderabad-based machine learning startup that helps companies to store, process and visualise big data with its unique software. The startup was founded in 2013 by Rohit Rai, Satyaprakash Buddhavarapu and Deepak Alur. Tuplejump has now shifted its base to Seattle.

    Why Apple acquires this Hyderabad based startup company?

    As per a report by Venturebeat, the Tuplejump team was well acquainted with open source big data tools such as the Apache Spark processing engine, the Apache Cassandra NoSQL database, and the Apache Kafka distributed high-throughput publish-subscribe messaging system.

    Tuplejump also built an open source search indexing system called Stargate that works with data stored in Cassandra and relies on the fundamentals of the Apache Lucene full-text search software.

    Apple can utilize the startup's concepts to company's cloud services, which applied to its popular products Siri, iTunes, the App Store, and Apple Music. Moreover, iCloud Drive is a major part of the recent Apple launch- the macOS Sierra.

    Why Apple acquires this Hyderabad based startup company?

    On the other hand, a source claims that the Cupertino giant was most interested in FiloDB, an open-source project applying machine learning, including analytics to manage large quantities of incoming data.

    The FiloDB project is expected to get by on independently past Tuplejump's acquisition because the ongoing project has its own repository and has been recently updated.

    Apple's love for Machine learning/ Artificial Intelligence

    We are rapidly moving towards the era of artificial intelligence or machine learning, which in simplest words can be explained as the technology that helps us create magnificent machines, which have all our senses (and maybe even more), all our reasoning power, and can think just like we humans do.

    Why Apple acquires this Hyderabad based startup company?

    Big fishes like Google, Facebook, Tesla and Amazon are already working on the technology and have introduced virtual assistants, chat bots and self-driven cars. Then how can Apple be not the part of this revolution.

    The buyout of Tuplejump is the fourth machine learning acquisition by Apple in last one year. Before Tuplejump, Apple bought a Seattle-based company- Turi Inc. for $200 million, Perceptio in 2015 and also purchased Emotient, a company that uses artificial intelligence to recognize and act upon facial expressions, something like Snapchat is utilizing to add filters to its chats.

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    Apple's investments in these small but significant companies, whose products will likely merge into the fabric of other Apple services, will finally laid the foundation of new and promising technologies.

    We will keep you posted on new developments from Apple and its exciting future acquisitions.

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