5 Hottest Wearable Technology Seen At IFA 2013: SmartWatch, SmartWatch Phones And Wristbands


Wearable computing technologies are set to become more mature with passing time. The first generation of smartwatches and wristbands were shown at this year's edition of IFA tech show in Berlin. The response received from the media is not encouraging, but many believe that the evolution has just started.


Samsung announced Galaxy Gear, a $300 ( Rs. 19,575) smartwatch that would be made available in Indian regional languages. Isn't it interesting? Still, the device is a companion watch and if you use an Android powered phone, then only you might find it more advantageous.

5 Hottest Wearable Technology Seen At IFA 2013

Qualcomm, best known for sophisticated chipset designs, was found promoting its newest smartwatch called Toq or "talk" in simple layman language. The company says that the watch will last for days, and most importantly its display technology makes it different from others.

The next best smartwatch is a sequel to last year's disaster aka SmartWatch. We're talking about Sony SmartWatch 2. Announced last month in China, the company thought to showcase the smartwatch to a larger audience, and IFA is the right place to launch it officially. This time around, Sony is looking more confident with its latest intelligent watch. The smartwatch is improved - it has Xperia Z like design and even UI is very similar to existing Xperia smartphones. The SmartWatch 2 is powered by Android. In UK, Sony is offering SmartWatch 2 free with recently announced Xperia Z1. Not that bad to push sales.

The other two wearable devices are actually far better than the devices offered by bigger brands. The reason is simple; unlike hi-fi brand these kickstarters are not chasing Apple iWatch. There is a purpose behind their innovation. We're totally bowled over by Nymi wristband. Backed by Bionym, the wristband let you use your heartbeat as a password.

TrueSmart, is another innovative wearable in the form of a smart watch. The Omate True Smart is the world's first IP67 waterproof smart watch. Running on Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean, the device can access Google Play store. Omate says that it's a "genuine standalone smart watch that can also work independently from your smartphone. Let's find out these newest tech in town in a detailed manner in the slides below.

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Omate TrueSmart

Omate TrueSmart

Genuinely, here's a smartwatch made for those who are looking for a complete mobile experience. The crazy beast is here and would surely appeal to those who actually aiming to get a revolutionary smartwatch. Moreover, the True Smart is a waterproof. What else? The True Smart comes with a 1.54-inch display made by LG. Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean comes out of the box. It's a proper phone built in the form of a watch. The device uses 3G connectivity and supports voice -calling. Backed by a dual-core processor coupled with 512MB RAM and 4GB of ROM (yes, you can expand internal memory); it's the most advance smartwatch in the world. The smartwatch also packs basic connectivity options including Bluetooth 4.0, GPS, Wi-Fi, 3G connectivity, GPS, and a micro SIM card. The TrueSmart can access Google Play store too. The makers have added a 600mAh Li Ion battery. Asking price 249 ( Rs. 21,493)euros

Samsung Galaxy Gear

Samsung Galaxy Gear

Samsung's much hyped Galaxy Gear was announced on September 4 in Berlin. This is certainly not a smart watch which we would like to recommend. The specifications are not everything to judge whether the device is worthy or not. Definitely, the Galaxy Gear is stuffed with delicious internal specifications, but at the end it's just an expensive accessory. This companion smartwatch gets thumbs down from GizBot. The Android 4.3 Jelly Bean smart watch is not compatible with iOS. Moreover, you cannot use the watch as a phone.

If you like to own a smart watch, then wait for something "wow" in the near future. The reason why we‘re not convinced with Samsung Galaxy Gear is because of its battery life. Anyways, let's have a look at the specs: a 1.63-inch Super AMOLED display having resolution of 320 x 320 pixels, 800MHZ processor coupled with 512MB of RAM and 4GB of internal memory, 25 + hours of battery , a 1.9-mega pixel BSI sensor and 10-second 720p HD video recording option available, a 315mAh non-removable battery, and S Voice among others.

The smart watch will be available in six colors. The Galaxy Gear would support Indian regional languages. As of now, the smart watch will be used with Note 3 and Note 10.1 2014 Edition. Samsung says that the as many as 70 apps would be made available at launch. Moreover, there will be a separate apps store to download Gear specific apps. The smart watch could be made available for Rs. 23,000 in the Indian market. Expect mid-October release date of Samsung Galaxy Gear launch in India.


Qualcomm Toq

Qualcomm Toq

Qualcomm enters wearable segment with Toq. Qualcomm says it's different from other smartwatches. Apart from long battery life and better display, everything is similar to what Samsung has stuffed inside Galaxy Gear. But we have to say about the display technology used by Qualcomm is undisputedly good. Its called: Mirasol Display.

With Mirasol display technology, Qualcomm took postive things from E Ink and traditional LCD display, making the display far better compared to other display. The Toq is buttonless and moreover Qualcomm will promote it as" always on" smart watch. It works with smartphones powered by Android OS. There are little expectations to see the smartwatch ever available in India. Asking price - Rs. 20,000. 


Sony SmartWatch 2

Sony SmartWatch 2

The new version of Sony powered smartwatch is definitely improved over its predecessor. Again, the smartwatch offers little functionality to users. It will basically help you out in reading text messages and receiving calls/ making calls wirelessly. Sony SmartWatch 2 comes with NFC, for the very first time.

It uses with a 1.6-inch display (Transflective LCD) having resolution of 220 x 176 pixels. The UI has been tweaked and now the interface looks similar to Xperia UI. The watch is powered by Android. The device looks solid- typical Sony types. No word on price, however, we expect Sony to launch the smart watch in late September 2013.


Nymi Wristband

Nymi Wristband

Ever imagine a device that can actually replace damn keys? Well, Nymi wristband was announced recently and it made straight to the IFA tech show in Berlin. First of all, the device is in a form of wearable. Basically, the concept for Nymi wristband is centered around your heartbeat.

Bionym claims that the ECG of a person is unique to respective person, which the makers are proposing to use as a far better security system than fingerprint sensor. It's your portable Biometric system. It has a potential to redundant fingerprint sensor or other measures used in the devices for security. Moreover, you can even unlocking car doors. It will be available next year at Rs. 7,000.


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