Blackberry Bold and Curve model users can enjoy new music application

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Blackberry Bold and Curve model users can enjoy new music application


Blackberry users especially on Bold and Curve models can now enjoy music with a new application launched by Blackberry. Music Gateway is the new idea from the company that will bring quality entertainment. This device can be easily connected to the Blackberry gadgets like smartphone or tablets. There are options to play music via home stereo and car stereo as well. 

The working of Blackberry Music Gateway is too simple as it can be used by even less tech savvy people. Users just need to plug the BlackBerry Music Gateway onto stereo system. Then with Bluetooth connectivity or else NFC technology, users can pair it with the BlackBerry device. 

The BlackBerry smartphone can be used as the remote control when paired with Music Gateway gadget. They can have good control over the music play back and exercise options like changing tracks, controlling volume, play and pause options and much more remotely with their Blackberry handheld phones itself. 

AVRCP and A2DP Bluetooth profiles should be supported by the Blackberry Smartphone, tablet or any devices. To access tap to connect facility, Near Field Communication (NFC) must be supported by the Smartphone. These are the only pre-requisites for this gadget to work with Blackberry devices. 

Key Features:

  • Dimension of 60mm x 40mm x 12.5mm

  • Weight of 28g

  • Wireless Freedom

  • Remote Control

  • Simple to connect

  • NFC support

  • Online music services

Music lovers can enjoy wireless freedom with BlackBerry Music Gateway on their stereo too. With the remote control options, apps can be accessed simultaneously. Users can simply control the volume or other actions from within any part of the room. The connections are also made so simple and users can experience higher level of music within a jerk of time. 

With auxiliary input users can enjoy music with powered speaker system, home stereo, or car stereo. Various popular music apps and online music services like7digital, Slacker and BB Music can be connected with smartphone, tablet or any device to enjoy variety music. These flexible options with the BlackBerry Music Gateway enable users to enjoy a different world of music. 

The shipping is also made really comfortable for making it easy for the users to purchase the new music product without any difficulty. Blackberry users are finally getting something new after a long time from the company. As stated by Blackberry officials, youngsters can expect more such new ideas from the company soon.

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