Blind man testing accessibility of iPhone [Video]

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When you first used your touchscreen device, was it too easy for you? It is obvious that you would have struggled to use it at first. Now, you may have mastered all the functions of your smartphone. But still you are no great champion when compared to this man without sight.

Tommy Edison is a Blind Film Critic. He is blind since birth and has over 20 years of experience in reviewing films. He also produces online videos that are informative and humorous associated with this life.

Last week, Tommy has released two videos to show how a blind man can use iPhone 4S. This video of a visually impaired using a gadget is really good. He shows us about the accessibility features on the smartphone. It also explains how much he depends on the voice over feature. Using the Siri assistant and voice over features, he is able to use the touchscreen device. The video shows he fast and effective he reads through and sends tweets and navigates across YouTube.

The second video shows how Tommy uses Facebook with these features. He points out that he has to be more selective as Facebook has a lot of content and links in the app. With little practice and patience, it is possible for a visually impaired to use gadgets.

Overall, Tommy's videos prove the effectiveness of the iPhone's accessibility features. Siri makes it easier for such users to use the device. Without Siri, it will really be impossible or highly difficult.

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