10 new innovative features smartphones might get in 2016

Smartphones are evolving fast - and several technologies are being added into smartphones. Several phones are being launched and some of them will ave several new features not seen before. Currently several of the features over here are being pioneered into new phones and only we can expect several of these features to find their way to new and affordable phones in 2016.

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Here are 10 new pioneering features seen only in a select number of phones that we can expect to take off among phones in 2016:

Wireless Charging

While Wireless charging has been there in high-end phones. However, the technology did not garner much interest and in the future it could.

Currently there are not many players in this field. Companies like Qi and AirFuel are the leaders here, but the technology is yet needs to come a long way until it goes main stream.


Lightning Port

The 3.5mm Audio jack has been a part of every phone. While it has its own variants, some how the audio jack has been indispensable. It has been rumored that Apple will be the first to drop the 3.5mm jack, this will be replaced by a new technology which allows users to listen to audio using a different technology that requires an adapter called as a Lightning port.

Secondary displays

You really don't need 2 displays on the phone, but then this is an emerging trend of larger displays, curved screens and even e-ink display (the Yotaphone). The secondary display can be used for other things which your primary screen can't.

One can also switch to the secondary screen if one is bored of the first screen.


More Memory

Till now, most phones came with 8GB and 16GB internal storage. Sometimes, they are expandable at other times they are not. However, a new trend could indicate that phones will be equipped with 32GB and 64GB storage.

4K screens

4K technology is really novice. Till now only HD screens and 2K screens are widely used. The future could hint at HD screens and 2K screens being replaced by 4K resolutions screens, but this too will come only on the pricey phones. The 4K screens will be great for VR headsets.

3D Touch

Touch-Screens phones are pressure sensitive. However, not all phones understand the finger touch very well. Apple introduced the 3D Touch in its iPhone . It also has a peek and pop feature. However, we can a lot to happen on the display front when it comes to Smartphones.

However, we can expect something different from Android phone brands just like Apple has done.


VoLTE and VoWi-fi

VoLTE and VoWiFi technology are going to be the future when it comes to telecom carriers. This means you can get better voice and call experience with minimal call drops and more clarity.

However, currently VoLTE phones are offered only by Reliance Jio's Lyf phones. We can expect other operators to pull a similar stunt.

Biometric Scanners

Fingerprint sensors are becoming en vogue on smartphones, but it something we are yet to see on a large scale. The Iris scanner too is another feature garnering interest among users.However, for all security reasons, phones with bio-metric scanners are being introduced in the market. Currently only few phones support Scanners. We can other phone brands to follow suit.

Dual cameras

There are only a few smartphones out there with Dual Cameras, but we expect these features in other smartphones. Several phones are offering Dual Cameras on the front but now we can expect Dual cameras both on the front and back. Camera is something which people use for photos and a dual camera wouldn't do any harm.

Super fast chipset

Several Smartphones take a lot of time to reboot and start. However, superpowerful chipsets could change all that and make your phone start in a jiffy. 


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