Top 10 things to know when buying a second-hand smartphone

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Planning to buy a used smartphone after you saw an awesome deal on the internet? You may be right, but look for details before you buy that used smartphone. The market for secondhand smartphones is huge and growing, but just make sure you are not getting cheated or don't land up with a spoiled phone or damaged device. Buying a second hand smartphone can be risky. There is usually an air of suspicion and fear in the mind of buyers as you want a phone that works satisfactorily after you buy a second hand device.

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Buying Second Hand smartphones can be budget friendly. However, these 10 tips could help you make an informed choice when buying second-hand smartphones.

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OLX and Quikr

OLX and Quikr are marketplaces for buying used mobile phones.Always Contact the seller and check the phone before buying.

Ask for Bills, Box and accessories

A proper Bill makes sure that the dealer is not selling you a used product. Also a phone that comes with a box ensures that you have the IMEI number that matches the phone. Also having a bill can help you in future if you face problems with your phone and need a replacement.

If the seller is not offering accessories, you can reduce the price fo the phone and pay just for the phone without any accessories.


2GB RAM minimum

Even budget phones these days come with 2GB RAM. Phones in the range of 10K-12K these days have 2GB RAM. If you are settling for 1GB RAM, you can pay Rs. 5000. Opt for phones that preferably have Qualcomm Snapdragon Processor.

Check if the phone is stolen

There is a black market for phones these days, even smuggled and stolen phones find their way to the Black market both Online and offline. Always buy phones which come with IMEI. A phone with proper IMEI should be good one.

Buy from Trustworthy sources

Always verify your source before buying. Always ensure that person selling the phone has a good reputation and is not involved in shady deals.

Check the Phone Physically

Always check the phone physically. Check the phones battery, screen and if the phone is running smoothly. Ensure that data can be transferred from the phone. Also make sure if all your SIM cards work well and that there are not network issues. Make sure the camera is good enough and that there are not problems with the App.

Pay Via PayPal

This is applicable for Online Purchases. Here you can pay via Paypal. If you are buying phones from e-bay, pay via Paypal. In this case, you will get refund if your phone is not working properly.

Buy from Facebook or Whatsapp

Facebook has become like a online store for used mobile phones. You can buy through references or Facebook pages and Users who sell used mobile phones. You can contact the sellers via Facebook and also this makes them verified. You can also verify from other users if the sellers is verified Buying phones through Whatsapp Groups and Whatsapp references too is a great way to buy used phones.

Ask for Warranty

The problem with Used phones is that they often do not come with warranty. Always ask for warranty card. If the phone was refurbished, you can get warranty till the valid period. Sometimes , the phone can come with third party warranty if not provided by the company. This too is better to have than nothing.

Buy Reputed Brand

Even if your phone is refurbished or used. Make sure you go for a good brand. Often it is easier to get a good brand serviced. It can be difficult to procure components of relatively unknown brands.

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