10 Things To Do Before Updating Your Smartphone To Android Marshmallow

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Android 6.0 Marshmallow update have reached several smartphones out there. Since, they are being rolled out in phases they will reach your phone any time if your phone is eligible for those updates. However, before you hit the update button for Android 6.0 Marshmallow on your smartphone, you need to know certain things.

10 Things To Do Before Updating Your Smartphone To Android Marshmallow

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The Android Marshmallow update comes with a share of advantages and disadvantages. Lets look at 10 things before updating Android 6.0 Marshmallow on your smartphones.

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Before you upgrade to Android Marshmallow it is better to know about the update. It is necessary to understand the pros and cons of the update. You need to understand the changes that the phone can bring to your phone. If you are happy with Android Lollipop, it is better to stick to it rather than getting Marshmallow updates.


Before you opt for a Marshmallow update on your phone, remember to backup all your files including contacts, photos, videos, and other necessary app data.


Clean up the junk in your phone - like all the unwanted files, songs that you had downloaded from the torrent. They deserve the place in the trash. So delete them.


Before you upgrade to Android 6.0 Marshmallow, remember to charge your phone up to 80 percent. It is necessary to charge your phone before you start the download. If you are downloading an update, you can also keep your phone charged as this will help you to keep your phone charged and ready to use.


Look Online for the feedback that Marshmallow is receiving. It has both negative and positive reviews. While some users prefer the older Lollipop version of Android, others prefer Marshmallow for certain updated features.


There are some apps that still doesn't work well on Marshmallow and crash while using. Remember to find out if you are using a particular app that would crash on Marshmallow. It wouldn't be fun to update to the latest Marshmallow to only find out that the app you wanted the most is just not working.


Know about App permissions. Unlike earlier versions of Android, there are app permissions on Marshmallow, which means that you can completely authorize an app while logging in to look at all your personal details. In this case, you should also know all your passwords to key then in when you need it,


If you are using a phone for work related purposes, check with your IT department to know if the particular phone works on Android. You IT department might help you to know if required applications on your phone might work well with Marshmallow or if they are likely to face problems with the new update.


Learn about App updates on Marshmallow. Some new updates might not support older features. So find out which apps are those that you use which might face such a problem.


Learn if you are comfortable using marshmallow. If you are not comfortable with the new interface of Marshmallow it might not be worth it all the while to update your phone to marshmallow and stick to the older versions of Android that you have on your phone.

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