10 Ways Smartphones Could Be Ruining Your Lives!

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Smartphones are now used by everyone. Not just smartphones, but even feature phones included. Smartphones are being widely used. Smartphones are a great productive tool but they can also pose as a problem if you are continuously using them. However, everybody out there is glued to their smartphones and you are not alone. Lets see how much Smartphones are ruining our life and how life looks unwired and away from the mobile screen.

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Here are 10 ways in which Smartphones are ruining your life and what you could possibly do to improve it.

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Talking on the Phone while crossing the road is a big problem. This is often the case as you are talking on your phone and not crossing the road. You may also be listening to music on your headphones and crossing the road, another opportunity for an accident.


Taking Selfies wherever you go could be real disease or a disorder. Taking too many selfies and uploading them online to get likes is another. There have been news reports about People losing their lives when they were taking selfies. Eg .Taking Selfies when you are hanging from a crowded train. Taking Selfies while your cliff hanging is another. 


People are either chatting the whole time on Messenger apps or Video chatting.There is a lack of face to face communication and relationships have gone through a change.


Too much of Technology leads to too much of stress.Do something else different from checking your Whatsapp messages.

Callous Spending

People are spending way too much money on their phones. Callous spending only means more money in your Mobile wallet and less money in your bank account. People are spending way too much money on phones - on the phone, accessories, telecom carrier, internet, etc often burning a hole in the pocket.


People are playing games on the smartphone but do not hit the gym. Too much smartphones also means less fitness.


Using the phone in the bed can mean sleep problems for you.Bed is meant for sleeping, but sleeping with your phone on your bed means increased health risks. Stop sleepovers with your phone.


Loud headphones can be annoying. We have all heard our parents or grandparents complaining about loud headphones. This can also cause hearing problems.


Smartphones have bought in a lot of health problems. This includes problems with vision and hearing apart from headaches. New research proves that there is an increased risk of developing health problems for those who spend too much time on their Phones.


The ubiquity of Google means that your information is only a search away. Also your smartphone has your become your virtual memory card. You hardly remember. However, this is bad. Its better to use google to learn new things and not take advantage of the fact that it is only a click away.

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